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How do you make money?

Asked by mowens (8350points) November 18th, 2011

How do you earn money outside of your normal income?

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I get a gig here and there. It’s the best way to make money I know.

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I purchase property (hotels/homes) primarily in Park Lane & Mayfair.

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@ucme – Don’t forget passing Go!

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@wundayatta What kind of gigs? Musical?

@ucme That sounds complex. :) Does that provide a lot of extra income?

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@mowens Only when I cheat. I mean, I wouldn’t want to monopolise the market.

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I invite little old ladies upstairs to see my drarrrwwwrrrrings.

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I sell my body.
Not a very lucrative thing though, until now I just made one hundred dollar…., for two pinky fingers….

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Apart from my normal day job I have a couple of other part time jobs that add to my income these include cleaning once a week, dog training two or three times a week, working as a receptionist once a week and selling for Ann Summers (NSFW) . I wouldn’t be able to survive on the money I earn from my actual full time job which is why I have to do the others. The dog training is the only job I do for the love of it as well as for financial reasons.

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I don’t earn money outside of my normal income.

I earn my normal income by making silicon do magic tricks.

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I fix problems, no one else can fix

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And I design and make things no one else can make.

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Do you design micro pneumatics @worriedguy?

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Contract/Consult work in off hours/weekends.
Stipends for other things like AD for a private school.

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I work on-call for another store, give up most of my days off and work a lot of double shifts. I do what it takes because other people rely on me.

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Sex at night all the time. Heehee. Just kidding just in case you actually believe that.

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I married a rich man who actually makes money investing wisely, in addition to his high paying job as an I.T. professional.

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I have rented my house back home; I’m living in an apartment now (and loving it).

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If you are looking for part time work you can do from home check out The jobs there are customer service based so you’ll be on the phone 99% of the time. A friend of mine is working for some of the companies there and says it’s legit. You do have to pay (background check, equipment: computer, internet, phone; training etc) to get started.

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