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What is the most offensive thing you have ever witnessed?

Asked by mowens (8403points) November 18th, 2011

What is the most offensive thing you have ever witnessed, done, or been a part of?

Nothing really offends me… so I am curious what offends others.

Besides farts.

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a man holding a child, while pointing a gun at the child’s head

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Two women making love in a public park in a steamy automobile.

A persons sex partner is a personal choice and I have no problems with that.

But, a public park is not the correct location for this activity.

Children on bikes were passing by and also runners. This was a police complaint I answered.

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@john65pennington I find that incredibly offensive too. They could at least run the defroster.

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RocketSquad….....10–4 on the defroster!!

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I find cruelty and hurtful actions much more offensive than two people making love. Granted there are kids around, so get a room, but I wouldn’t be offended by someone pleasing their sweetie.

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Adirondack, that’s exactly what I told them….get a room. There is a time and place for everything and the public park is not one of them for this activity.

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Ok… you guys make me feel bad. Reading my question again, I left it wide open. I meant the most offensive things that were said. In my mind, I meant like someone saying something. Holding a gun to a childs head is just morally wrong…. I didnt even consider that offensive… I consider that beyond offensive.

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Great answers though. :)

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Being called a good person, when I’m clearly an awesome and magnificent person. The audacity…...

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I’m pretty much completely desensitized to things that would offend many others. I tend to think that being offended is a pointless emotion in most cases.

My friend and I were once sitting in class when a tattooed guy asked us what he should get as his next tattoo. We told him he should get the Virgin Mary crucified on a flaming swastika-shaped cross made out of dildos. He looked rather shocked. We just shrugged. We party with him now, though, sometimes, so I guess he wasn’t too offended. I imagine some people would be though.

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A starving draft horse that went down in a field a few years ago after numerous complaints failed to have him confiscated by animal control officers.

He was the most pitiful creature and several local residents stayed with him all night in the field until the vet came and put him down. He was at least 1000 lbs. underweight. Horrible, horrible, heart breaking scene.

Also a car hit buck that had a broken pelvis and was pathetically crawling across the road. I waited for the sheriff to dispatch him. So sad.

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Some fat fuck self hating white burning a Canadian flag on Canada Day. He claimed it was because Canadians had nothing to be proud of or some shit, all I could hear was a pathetic creature mewling and begging to have it’s head caved in with a cinder block.

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As far as witnessing goes, throwing trash out of a moving vehicle. Or littering at all. Abusing animals. Just cruel.

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Err, I dunno. I very rarely get offended by anything & much prefer to shrug my shoulders & move on.
Having said that, if a drunken scotsman waltzed up to me in the street wearing nowt but a gormless grin & a hard on, then i’m pretty much going to have to offend him by way of a swift kick in the nuts…’s the only way, it really is.

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When two people have sex and don’t bother inviting me to join in.

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I saw a little boy, about three years old with a dragon tattoo all the way down his arm. Who on earth would tattoo a baby?

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Going on the city bus one day this guy who was dirty had very holy jeans on…when he sat down he had NO UNDERWEAR ON omfg, it was all hanging out!

I don’t have a great memory but I was so traumatized by that & I can’t forget it.

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Pelosi and Beohner trying to sidestep questions as to why it is ok for senators and congressment to use insider informations to increase their portfolio.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Dude, that’d be the coolest tattoo ever.

Edit-I just had to read your answer a second time. :D

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Hey @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard so what should I get as my next tattoo?

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@Symbeline Nah, you deserve a hug and a kiss.

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A man urinating in the street on the westside of Chicago.

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@Countrybumkin Whoa, I think the name fits.

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@Countrybumkin lol I saw a guy once get off the bus walk up to the mall doors and urinate on the wall right beside the door!!! He was toppling all over I’m sure he was so drunk he couldn’t make it to the real bathroom. I didn’t have my phone so I couldn’t call the cops, plus he got back on the next bus that had arrived as soon as he was finished.

I was soo appalled uck

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