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One afternoon in Paris: what would you do?

Asked by Mamradpivo (9635points) November 18th, 2011

I’m going to Paris on Sunday. I have meetings for three days, but I’ll have Sunday afternoon to myself. I arrive at Gare du Nord just before noon. I’ve been to Paris a few times, so I don’t need to do anything terribly touristy.

If you had a single, chilly afternoon (probably around 10 deg C) in Paris, what would you do? Musee d’Orsay? Roman ruins in the 10th? A museum I don’t know about? Or what am I missing?

I’m definitely a fan of history museums, but I’m open to any suggestions. This is my third time in Paris this year and I’m absolutely set on doing something worthwhile. Thanks in advance.

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The Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and steal a kiss from a sexy Frenchman.

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I had an afternoon in Paris in July on my own due to changes in flights, I went to the Eiffel tower, Note Dame cathedral, The Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe. I didn’t go up any of the towers or inside the cathedral but because I was under 25 with a EU driving licence I got in the louvre for free. I also went to a chocolate shop near a metro stop called Madeleine called Fauchon they sell the most amazing cakes. But try to get there before 6 (I think) as they close promptly.
I had never been to Paris before but it was pretty easy to find my way round. I also bought a day pass on the metro to jump on and off whenever I wanted.

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The Lourve

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Gotta see the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, then, eat pastries til you explode. lol

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Go to Jim Morrison’s grave, smoke a doobie, and sing bawdy versions of “This Is Still the End” and “Break on Through”. ;-)

Then while I was still high, I’d go inside the Notre Dame cathedral and dig on the stained-glass windows.

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Play with my grandson Jake. After that, wander Montmartre, visit the Musee D’Orsay (impressionists and post-impressionists) and have hot chocolate at the cafe Le Deaux Magots. Time left? Wander along the banks of the Seine.

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Grab somebody sexy and tell ‘em hey! Give me everything tonight!

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Hey! I wanna travel with @Brian1946 lolol

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If you haven’t been there already, The Rodin Museum is off the beaten track and worth a visit.
What would I do? Probably poke around the left bank.

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Yeah, to give our highs a low profile, we could scarf some of your brownies inside Notre Dame. ;-p.

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I’d visit my darling who lives there now. :-/

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If you haven’t been to Père Lachaise Cemetery, it is worth checking out. There are enough famous people there (yes, Jim Morrison is one) to make it worthwhile.

An afternoon isn’t much time. The one time I was there, I had my long locks cut off and walked out with a short, spiky bob just so I could say it was done in Paris. It was worth it. A meal of fromage crepes in a cafe recommended by the locals is another suggestion.

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I’d find a place for a good lobster bisque with fresh baguette for lunch. Then I’d go to the Louvre. Since afternoons extend past dark, I’d find a bar on the left bank for an aperitif, find a single woman to take to dinner and have a Parisian fling you’ll remember until the day you die.

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Go to somewhere ‘touristy’, settle down in a cafetaria, order a coffee and a sandwich, and watch the Parisians and tourists that walk by.

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It’s funny how no one mentioned going to Montmartre and visiting the Sacré Cœur , then having a caricature taken of themselves, and later sitting in a restaurant and eating snails. Yuuuuum.

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Have a one-night stand with a sexy French babe.

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If you haven’t been to the Musee d’Orsay, definitely go there. You’ll be able to see and appreciate most of it in the time that you have. But if you want something more history-related, I recommend wasting time in the Carnavalet museum, especially its French Revolution collection.

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Go to the Rodin Museum (79 Rue de Varenne), Stroll along the Seinne and look for the Kevorkian Gallery. Go into a McDonalds at 116 Rue de Rivoli and order a Royalle with cheese. Go stand at the Arc de Triomphe and gaze in wonder at the traffic entering, exiting and swirling around without (for the most part) wrecking. Get an Ice Cream Cone and stroll down the Champs Eysees with a big grin on your face, slurping it up and staring back at the people.

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If you go to the Louvre, after you get tired of trying to see the Mona Lisa over the heads of hundreds of other tourists, turn around and look at the massive painting on the wall behind you. It fills the entire wall, not sure what battle it is but what the heck, they are all the same in the end result.
Then, walk out the opposite door and go down the hall where you will find yourself within arms length of “lesser” known DaVinci paintings as well as the works of many other Renaissance painters that you will recognize and there will be no one around to block you view.

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Visit Versailles, but you probably already have.

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Sit on a sidewalk cafe’and watch the pretty girls walk by..hopefully it’s a windy day.

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Oh so many many place so little time…. I loved the Louvre and spent and entire day in there, its so big even a full day there you won’t be able to see it all. I got lost inside and thought they would find me among the egyptian artifacts years later, but I finally found my way out. If you like something a little off beat and a bit gruesome go to the catecombs They even have a sign saying that its illeagl to take the bones. It made me wonder who would want a human bone. It was pretty neat how they arranged the bones, see the above link they really look like that. Another place I loved was Versaillies It was a full day we spent there but it was amazing. If you love Duck this is the place to go, I think of their crispy duck all the time and would love to go on another trip to have some. I absolutely loved Paris when I went and hope you enjoy yours. I would go back in a heartbeat… thank you for posting this its bringing back some great memories for me.

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@Coloma I enjoyed the coronation of napoleon at the louvre better than the mona lisa, but that is just my opinion.

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Fall in love!

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