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Why are guys so confusing?

Asked by Aetori (157points) November 18th, 2011

Well there’s a guy in my college and he is just so confusing I can’t seem to understand him at all…

At times he can be so sweet and nice, like getting out of his way to take me home, but at times he’s so cold to me like ignoring me, sometimes he flirts, like the other day he just found out my eye colour and he was just like “shooow me” and just gazed straight into them…

What does he want with he only flirting or is there a further meaning?

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They’re not. It’s called talking to him. Do it.

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He wants you to be his wife.

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@FutureMemory he probably doesn’t…x DD

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Guys aren’t confusing, flirting is a game for many people. It may be serious, it may not be. Your best bet is to just ask him.

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@ANef_is_Enuf x DD to me their like some alternative Universe Lately o.o

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Because they’re guys ;)

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If I had a penny for every time I’ve heard this question…

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@Male lol oh trust me you’d be a billionere by now :D

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It’s called a human. Everyone is confusing. I’m so tired of hearing this question. Men are confusing, women are confusing – we are all damn confusing! If you want an unconditional love that is straight forward, get a dog.

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Some people suck at flirting. Help him.

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Guys are not confusing, just shallow.

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Guys are confusing because guys are confused.

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Guys are confusing because women confuse them.

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Guys are confused because to us peach is a fruit, not a color, and what the hell is beige?

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@King_Pariah It’s a shade or two lighter than taupe.

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Have you tried putting out?

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Perhaps the reason why some guys are so confusing to women and probably walk around with a weird look on their face is because they’re trying, at the same time, to figure you women out. Which, try to understand, seems more to me the thing that takes precedence.

And quite frankly, women either know they can be very intimidating or there is something other that they are not aware of about themselves, just as it is for the guys.

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@Mantralantis Gave up on that years ago. Now I just accept them for what/how they are.

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@rojo – Haha. I suppose it’s for the best.

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(honestly it’s a tad offensive to be called shallow, but I can see why)

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Don’t waste your time dissecting and analyzing each and every movement of his. Do what you have to do. If he wants to be a part of it, he will be.

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@rojo Funny how you say “what/how they are” and not ”who” they are. Maybe that is part of your problem…

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Simple, being confusing keeps you interested.

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He’s not confusing. He’s human.

take a look in the mirror. why do you do the things you do?

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@jonsblond the simple answer to that question is that “I do what the voices in my wifes’ head tell me to”.

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Most of us weren’t breast feed :(

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@Pele The people of your country?

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He is confusing to you because you are (or were) spending too much time questioning his motives instead of just simply enjoying his company whenever he happens to be around and leaving it at that.

Why does he do the things he does? It could be as simple as he is in the mood to flirt with you sometimes and isn’t in the mood to flirt with you other times.

Who knows? He might flirt with you when you appear to be in a good mood and ignore you when you’re treating him suspiciously because you don’t seem approachable. Those are guesses. I could be totally wrong.

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