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Has the fall of the dollar against the euro impacted any travel plans you might have for Europe and how?

Asked by marinelife (62460points) May 14th, 2008

Change in Destination? Change in means of transport? Other?

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gone are the days when the dollar kicked the backside of second-world countries.

it’s been nearly a year since i’ve been to europe, and i used to go once a month. it’s just not worth it. there are enough destinations in this hemisphere and country which are affordable until the democrats can fix the global economy.

has is impacted my plans? yes. I will only go for business.

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I think the cost of fuel is the reason why a lot of people aren’t traveling… even locally. Now all these airlines are charging a fuel surcharge, so that on top of the devaluation of the dollar is really kicking our butts. I guess it’s cheaper to go to Latin America where the US dollar still holds up in many cases. I think only people who have been saving will go to Europe, or those who have significant bank accounts anyway.

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Nope. I am flying to Europe in June, and again as soon as I can get time of again. I am thinking of buying lots of Euros though….

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Sigh…I wanted to visit Europe before college. That’s kinda gone with the wind now…maybe after college…once I know how much of a loan I have to pay off…
Sorry for the spelling – iPod keyboard…

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I was going to move back there but my savings would have disappeared too quickly. Luckily my husband gets paid in Euros, so it’s like he keeps getting a raise.

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With the current exchange rate, I desperately want to come over to your side of the pond! Everything’s cheaper over there to begin with and now that I get 1.55 USD per Euro…...oh the shopping I could do!!

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Wildflower – our stuff is crappy anyhow, and our people are fat, rude, and snobby. I doubt you’d like it much here anyhow. Wait…where have I heard that before…

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Nah, been to Texas once…...and I can assure you it wasn’t my last visit…..I also have to see SF, NY and a couple of other places.

As for the size thing – it’s nice to feel petite by comparison :)

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Haha…that’s true, I’m skinny like a bean pole…

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I’m in Europe now, three weeks between England and France. Luckily we have friends and/or family in both places so we will be staying with people for much of the time.

How to beat the high cost of Europe? Mooch!

P.S, Weather is cold and gray (England) but the rhododendron are magnificent!

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You’re on the wrong side of the Irish Sea then – had nothing but sunshine for the last 3 days here :)

But you’re right, everything is ridiculously expensive over here compared to the US. The exchange rate does not help, I’m sure.

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Yes, it has changed my ideas to visit—I may still go to Barcelona, but am thinking now of South America as well. I don’t like the idea of paying $10 for a cup of coffee.

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Wont be going to Italy this year. Hawaii will be seeing me again.

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