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If you like pistachio ice cream, how do you feel about the ice cream not being green?

Asked by tinyfaery (40401points) November 18th, 2011 from iPhone

It just seems wrong and it doesn’t taste the same. I know the white ice cream is more natural, but I like my pistachio ice cream green.

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That’s how I felt about the green ketchup that they put out for a while. I couldn’t eat it, just tasted wrong to me, even though I knew it was ketchup.
I’ve never eaten pistachio ice cream that wasn’t green.

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Another pistachio ice cream lover here. I’ve never had a scoop that wasn’t green, but I’d be fine with it. I adore mint ice cream, but will not eat it if it is green. Only Bryer’s Mint Chocolate chip for this Jelly, which is white in color.

A friend made purple mashed potatoes one night for dinner, and her daughter refused to touch them. There must be something in the psychology that turns us off of what we are used to from a visual aspect.

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It took me quite awhile, and only with high end white pistachio ice cream, to get over it.

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Ben and Jerry’s Pistachio Pistachio has white ice cream. It’s good, but it’s just off a bit, in my mind.

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Its so wrong! It should be green damn it! D:

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I’m good either way. I love pistachio. Oh, and I’m colour-blind.

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If it gates good, eat it. Green is overrated.

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I have a weird psychological reaction to pistachio ice cream because it is (was?) green in the first place. I’ve always associated it with mint ice cream, which I hate, and have never been able to eat it even though I love pistachios. Maybe I should give the white pistachio a try!

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It’s not easy not being green.

And @Auggie I feel the other way; pistachio is trying malevolently to fool you into thinking it is mint chocolate chip!

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Colors have long had a great effect to human’s natural psych, so you are not alone. Take for example when you pick out the color of a room, most people want a natural, soft color because they find it relaxing. Many diet plans consist of eating food off of blue plates, because studies show many people find food on a blue plate to be less apitising, therfore you eat less. Another studdy in the men’s magizine “Maxim” says that most men find the color red to be more atractive on women then any other color. When you think of that really sexy sports car you wan’t what color is it…is it red too? Yet most people think bulls are agresive toward the color red and other bright colors.

I don’t care much for pistachio ice cream, but I know If my beloved green tea ice cream was white I would freak and vice versa if my coconut milk shake was green I would flip.

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