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Should Fluther make a native iPod touch/iPhone app in the new SDK?

Asked by Theotherkid (884points) May 14th, 2008 from iPhone

This is just an idea I thought up when I was bored. When you have new alerts a little red circle with a number on it would appear on the icon. (similar to when you get new messages In Your mail.)

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Oh, there’s already a! You can get to it at

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But I get what you mean.
I think it might be far too much work to make an app version of a wbesite. I mean, what’s the point when there’s already a website…

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It wouldn’t really be an app though, it would just be an RSS feed app, which there will be TONS of, so someone would just have to join the bandwagon and set it up on fluther.

But honestly, I bet someone will create a generic RSS app that will show the number like it does with mail etc. for any website RSS you want, and add the picture like home page bookmarks

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Some things, like games, make sense to be native apps. Most however are actually better as webapps. This is one area that apple was way ahead of the curve, and the general population will catch up eventually, but eventually almost all apps will be webapps.

As for Fluther, I see absolutely no benefit to being native.

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yes native app, it would just be so much cooler, might even get some more traffic with it available on itunes.

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