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Grossest movie ever?

Asked by Repo_the_Genetic_Opera (430points) November 19th, 2011 from iPhone

I like gross, sick, gory movies. Any suggestions?

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The Human Centipede was the sickest I’ve ever seen.

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I thought Starship Troopers was pretty gross.

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Mahou Shoujo Ai

Well, to most people it would be gross.
I think it is the best thing since the invention of the wheel.

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Hard Candy had me squirming.

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Pink Flamingos for a classic. The Human Centipede is recent.

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A Serbian Film
Blows all the current and lame mainstream Hollywood “Horror” movies out of the water.

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Oh geez. All of those are great, except A Serbian Film. I will absolutely never, ever watch it, as I know what it’s about. I watched Cannibal Holocaust without batting an eye, but I don’t think I could handle that. I actually bought the Human Centipede today.

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The Cronenberg version of The Fly starring Jeff Goldblum (sp?)

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The Fly was pretty horrible..

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Harry Potter movies
Star War prequels ( true abominations )

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While it doesn’t really fit your credentials, I can’t help but to suggest Street Trash. It’s not very gory, and what gore there is looks more funny than anything else…but just give it a try.

Blood Sucking Freaks is also excellent, if you want some damn imaginative things done with gore. Throw morality out the window if you watch this.

For something a little more modern…If you want gore that is poetry to the eyes, try out Inside. It’s mostly just blood though, but there are a few fun surprises. I will add Martyrs to the list. That’s just sick.

Last but not least, check out Philosophy of the Knife, if you got the stomach.

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August Underground’s Mordum

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All those ‘Wrong Turn’ movies they’ve made. I think there are like four parts. Really gross. I still have to see ‘The Human Centipede’!!!
I’ve seen ‘A Serbian Film’ reading the plot is a lot more scarier actually. The movie didn’t show much.

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@Ayesha Wrong Turn has three movies in all. Number one is the best, in my opinion. The other two totally pale in comparison. Too stupid and not scary enough lol.

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@Symbeline Then I saw a fake fourth part! Lol. It was called ‘Wrong Turn: Bloody Beginnings’ or something like that. They always creep me out :)

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Oh there could totally be one. I may be a horror fan, but I miss a lot of stuff. Especially since number two and three disappointed me, I didn’t really keep up.

If there is a fourth one…I wanna see it lol.

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Also, I agree with @HungryGuy too. I think the first Human Centipede movie was totally safe and not that gross at all. The second one tops it all. It’s extremely vile.

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The Human Centipede. I didn’t see it. My son told me about it and I would never watch anything that foul. Some people have no boundaries at all.

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If you think Human Centipede is bad, try Cannibal Holocaust, Sàlo, or A Serbian Film. Sick beyond anything you’ve ever seen, but Cannibal Holocaust has at least a bit of moral or a message, you just have to look sorta hard to find it.

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Thanks for the heads up. I’ll be sure to stay away! :-)

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WTF? Banned in the UK??

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@Repo_the_Genetic_Opera Yeah, Cannibal Holocaust has what I call the Conan the Barbarian Syndrome, in which it is suggested that the civilized world isn’t always all that civilized, and primitive societies aren’t always as barbaric as often claimed. Although not to hear the end of the movie tell it…pushed em too far, haha.

Also, for anyone planning to watch CH; warning, actual animal deaths occur.

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I love gory, gross movies. I was a teen in the 80s and grew up with some of the classics. I would say Human Centipede because it’s the one movie I refuse to watch. I just can’t go there.

The Devil’s Rejects and The Hills Have Eyes are tops on my list.

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@jonsblond Great choices. :) Don’t watch THHE 2 though…man, what a letdown.

Just because some guy comes out of a toilet, it doesn’t automatically make everything awesome.

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ok, going to throw a few more out there. For the record I prefer my horrors’ comedic. Intentionally or otherwise.

Brain Dead aka Dead Alive
Planet Terror
Blood Feast
Santa Sangre

I hear Titicut Follies is pretty awful but I haven’t managed to see it.

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Any Troma fans at all?

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@MilkyWay – You can get around the ban. Use an anonymizer. There are web-based options like SilentSurf, and open source options like Tor that you install on your PC. You don’t want to use these for routine surfing because they add tremendous lag to your browsing because every request and page serve goes through numerous servers.

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