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My ipod (classic) went through the wash - including the dryer. It works, but no backlight. Does it pay to get it fixed?

Asked by zensky (13367points) November 20th, 2011
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How long ago did this happen? If you keep it off and in a warm place for a few days it might come back on its own.

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I would not turn it back on for at least a day until I was sure it was totally dry. There is a conformal coating that theoretically protects the circuits but your unit went through the dryer so it was heated and knocked around quite bit. The coating might be cracked.

Put it in a warm, dry place in a climate with low humidity. Do you think you can find a place like that? ;-)

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Okay so I did the opposite of what you guys suggested. I didn’t know this. It was in the pocket of a knapsack that was washed and dried a few days ago – and I only discovered it now (I thought I’d lost it for good). I immediately put it in the dock to see if it would work and it did – but the backlight didn’t come on. With light, you can see the display well enough to get it going.

It’s rainy out.

What should I do?

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If I was you I would probably put some rice in a bowl and bury the iPod in the rice. Put it near a heater if you have one.

The good news is a new screen is around 20 bucks if you feel up to replacing it yourself. It isn’t fun but it is doable.

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I’ll try that. Thanks!

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I would only put it in rice if you promise not throw the rice away. You just need to keep it a few degrees warmer than the ambient to slowly dry it out. Placing it on the warm spot on top of your refrigerator is ideal. There is lots of air flow and the temp does not get too high.

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…or try to repair it yourself… click:

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