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I really want to emigrate to New Zealand. What should I train as to give me the best chance at employment there?

Asked by noodle_poodle (1614points) November 20th, 2011

I am already 27 so am reaching the age where getting a long term visa could be difficult. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

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What were you thinking, tradesman, professional, or academic?

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At the moment I am having trouble thinking of anything. I have a degree in fine art but I think thats probably the least useful thing to have in this circumstance.

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I lived and worked there for 15 years as an immigrant. I can get you webpages….Have you looked at any webpages?

As far as I know, teachers and tradespeople are always needed. They need teachers willing to work in the smaller towns. With Christchurch being rebuilt, they have imported loads of trades people from Australia, but they tend to not relocate permanently.

It was hard to get a job at first. I was qualified to work for Qantas, and had an interview, but I didn’t have a work permit. The labour department only required them to write a letter, saying that despite the fact I wasn’t a New Zealander, I was the most qualified for the job and request a work permit for me. They didn’t. They hired a less qualified person. (who ended up not working out after the first three months after they spent loads of money sending her to Sydney for training.) I eventually found a manager willing to write the letter, but it wasn’t in my chosen field. I ended up making office administration/accounting my field, and left my dreams of being a travel babe behind.

I loved New Zealand. With the training I had in accounting and office admin I was never short of work, where ever I travelled there. I eventually worked with several businesses and learned production accounting and a few things about food product manufacturing and food technology. (my love of organic chemistry was born)

Getting your foot in the door can be challenging. The work permit process can be a real hurdle. Good luck. I’d go back in an instant, if my circumstances were different.

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A friend of mine who works there as a truck driver says there is no shortage of well paid work there as a truck driver.

Failing that, you could always apply for a job serving in Sauron’s army

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@poisonedantidote might not be far off. A fine arts degree might get you an interview at Weta Workshop?? Especially if they have a big project coming up.

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Learn all you can about herding sheep.

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Orc-hunter, obviously.

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Have a look at this page which lists the skilll they are looking for. Personally I’d go for nursing (I’m not biased at all).

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Anything to do with world-class yacht racing.

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You can’t go wrong by becoming a health care professional such as: nursing; pharmacy; medical laboratory; radiology; dental/medical assisting; MD or veterinary doctor, etc.

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@marinelife Haven’t you been keeping up? They export world class kiwi yachtsmen to other countries, they have such an abundance. And the New Zealand team just won again in San Diago plus there are 6 kiwis on the Oracle team the placed a tight second, not to mention being managed by two kiwis as well. Russell Coutts is a traitor. :oP.

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