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Why does my cat do this?

Asked by Ayesha (6213points) November 20th, 2011

I have a Siamese female. She’s about four years old. She’s really attached to me and my Mother. Thing is she’ll only eat if i put chunks of the food in front of her with my own hands. She does this most of the time. Sometimes she’ll eat by herself but lets just say 95% of the time she’ll follow me around meowing and telling me to feed her. Any ideas as to why she does this?

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Sounds like learned behavior. If you were to stop, I’d be willing to bet money she would eventually get hungry enough to eat.
I’m not suggesting you do that, unless you can’t stand this behavior, but… I think it’s simply a habit. She’s spoiled. ;)

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It is called True Love.

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Is your cat by any chance named Tiffany, Brittany, or Zsa Zsa? ;-)

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I have a Siamese too, and she is my 5th over the years. They can be a bit neurotic, part of their charm. Quirky cats they are.

My old guy that is gone now was that way too, he wanted me near him when he ate, and, when he was really old I had to do the same thing. Sit on the floor with him while he ate, or he would walk away.

Yes, it is a learned behavior, perhaps a part of “mothering” as the mama cat in the wild does bring her kittens food and stay with them as they eat.
He knows he has you wrapped around his paw.

It’s also true that if you stick to a routine of discipline he WILL eat on his own.

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I’ve had a few cats in my life (I’m currently catless). Two were Siamese. All cats have odd personalities, but Siamese cats have the oddest odd personalities (I think it’s the inbreeding).

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Cuz she’s a control freak! And it’s working.

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I think that @Dutchess_III is correct. Your cat wants as much of your time and attention as possible. My 17 year old male Siamese cat has me rapped around his pinky claw. I don’t dare to change his routine or he will relentlessly scold me loudly until I submit to his wishes. Good luck!

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@gondwanalon Awww…17! Siamese are long lived cats, one of my old guys lived til 18. Siamese power!

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Do Siamese cats eat Thai food? ;-)

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Not a cat person, but my two dogs were the same way. They would eat or drink from my hand, even when they were sick. They like the interaction with you. Enjoy it.

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