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What makes the English class interesting?

Asked by Earthflag (549points) November 20th, 2011

There is an interesting thing about all the classes. What are the things that you have gained after the English class? This can be English from high school to grad school…

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I give up, why is it interesting?

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The English language is an intricate and complex language. I for one love learning new vocabulary – it makes you sound super smart in conversation and in essays. Also, literature helps one to develop a broader perspective on the world, which I believe is priceless.

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Because studying a language in depth is just that. Interesting. You explore the varying techniques that people write in, you study different literature and analyse them. You learn how by different use of styles and techniques, and by using a varied vocabulary, you can obtain what exactly you want to get in writing. You learn so much, and learn how to use whatever you have learnt. It’s interesting and exciting :D

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Shakespeare is one cool dude. But he’s awful hard to understand. We wuz down the pub the other day quaffin’ a few brewskis (beers, dude) and this other dude walks in and starts layin into Ol’ Will with a will. That’s right. It was Shaky’s brother, wanting to argue about their inheritance.

Thing’s weren’t going well for the brother dude, but then he told Will that he was a plagiarizer and next thing I know it’s all broken bottles and wasted scotch and the brothers both have these gashes on their faces (cool scars, dude, cool scars) and then this chick comes running in. Julie, I think she said her name was.

When Will sees her, his face go chalky like the cliffs at Dover and then he says something that makes no sense to me whatsover. “Julie,” he says, “I thought you were dead!”

She says, “I’m not dead…. yet. But if we don’t get the fuck out of here, not only will I be, but you will be, too.”

Will’s brother is watching all this with a strange smirk on his face, like he’s rootin’ for the home team to lose. But Will and Julia light out of that pub like a souped up 2011 Chevy Camaro outrunning a Decepticon.

What can I say? My mouth was agape. All I can say is that that dude is cooler liquid nitro!

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What made my English class memorable was the instructor. He had a way to make even old literature come to life, and provided us with a way that the various rules of grammar made sense.

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I do not know what you get in English classes, but to learn English language is essential for International business. Imagine using Internet without it. If you can improve quality of your language skills, take whatever chance you have.

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