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Painters: When taking a photograph of your piece do you photograph only the artwork?

Asked by whitetigress (3129points) November 20th, 2011

Or do you also add a border to the photograph?

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Sometimes I just do the piece and others I include a mat (no frame, no glass—avoid glare).

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Just the artwork itself.

Examples here:

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I usually like to picture it in a background.

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I do professional copy work for high end gallery artists and museums. It’s always just the artwork with no borders or background… like this and this.

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I’m just hoping that ‘your piece’ means ‘the thing you painted’.

I further hope that ‘the thing you painted’ isn’t a body part.

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I photograph my art and some surrounding area so I can correct for parallax if need be.
I never add generated borders, but I have a series of images of antique and other frames that I sometimes use, especially with digital art. see here and here

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@anartist brings up a good point. When copying artwork for publication, it is best to over shoot with a loose crop. This allows for exact parallax correction later in PS. Much easier to do, as it is very difficult to get camera exactly centered, and most folks don’t have a completely distortion free lens made specifically for copy work.

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