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What would you do if you found yourself pregnant during a zombie apocalypse?

Asked by Aethelwine (42961points) November 20th, 2011

yes, I watched the Walking Dead tonight

Would you send an errand boy to get you the morning-after pill?
Would you keep the baby and hope for the best?

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Gonna watch this board for interesting answers. Can’t answer since no chance I could get pregnant. : )

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Fart, obvoiusly.

And kill some fucking zombies in the process.

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What’s the big deal? If you need some milk, you run to the store, you kill some zombies. If you need the morning after pill, you run to the store, you kill some zombies. It’s just another day of the zombie apocalypse.

Double tap everyone.

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I don’t think I could have ended any of my pregnancies but I wasn’t running away from zombies. If you try to get into the program, it really is a horrible position she’s in. And I’ve forgotten the timeline, maybe this is the other guy’s kid? I didn’t watch the last 15 mins- I’ve kind of lost interest and I did really like it last year.

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This is interesting…. I think If I was pregnant during that time I would try even harder to survive….

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Two far fetched scenarios, both at the same time?
“You gotta be shitting me!?!”
That’s what i’d do/say.

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Honestly, I probably would attempt to abort. It’s an awful situation to be in, I imagine.

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I would have myself a baby. The thing is, if I managed to conceive a baby during a zombie apocalypse, I must be meant to have that baby and s/he might be the one to save the world. I know very little about zombies, so I wonder, if a pregnant woman got bit would the baby be born a zombie?

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@SuperMouse The baby was born a zombie in the 2004 version of Dawn of the Dead.

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@augustlan: That situation was weird because the woman was close to labor anyway when she got bitten. However, I would say that a woman who is zombified before the baby could survive outside the womb would simply be carrying around a little extra dead weight pun intended. I think I would try to keep the baby as any attempt to self-abort would most likely do me some serious harm and thus possibly harm the group of survivors I was with.

I have a friend sleeping in the next room who is more of a zombie expert even than I am. I’ll ask him what he would do about a pregnant woman during the zombie apocalypse.

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Abortion. I won’t even bring a child into the current zombie apocalypse. Your know, zombies that eat brain cells.

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Here’s something we haven’t considered. Today the standard zombie infection is transferred by bite. But there are variations, (a la Return of the Night of the Living Dead or Fido) where anyone that dies automatically becomes a zombie. Under those circumstance health and safety may require all abortions be preformed after birth, lest the mother be chewed up from the inside out by her aborted fetus.

Though I might gamble on terminating the pregnancy before the thing has teeth…or a proper mouth.

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I’d wonder how exactly I got pregnant and why I didn’t remember losing my virginity.
And the guy that I’d lost it with…

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I’d wonder what universe I’d stumbled into and then I’d try to see if I’d gotten any superpowers. Then I’d start researcher where I could get me a good C-section because I don’t want to try to give birth naturally. I ain’t got the right parts!

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@MilkyWay Horny horny zombies!

from Toyco

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So, where’s our resident zombie expert????

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@XOIIO You’d think I’d remember XD

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Zombie roofies.

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Being a dude I would at first be very surprised. I would then give birth to the baby and train him/her how to be the best zombie killing assassin of all time.

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So, I talked to my friend and his response was a bewildered look and then he was like, “Abortion. Just throw yourself down some stairs.” I don’t think he’s thought about this as much as I have. :P

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If I was pregnant and bit by a zombie, my entire body would cease to function after the virus gets hold of me. I wouldn’t breathe, my blood wouldn’t circulate anymore…so, the baby inside me would die, since my body’s not looking out for it anymore.
Given that, I’d probably abort it. Because if I’m wrong and it could actually turn into a zombie itself, that would be even more depressing lol, even if I was a zombie and wouldn’t be able to register what I just said, at that given time.

Of course, if I had enough hope, I would want to keep the baby. But if you think about it realistically, most people would go fuckin bonkers in a traditional zombie scenario, before being able to have any hope lol.

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@fundevogel Knife free C-section

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@XOIIO I don’t think it’s a C-section if it’s being preformed by the fetus.

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Lets not mince words. Call it what it is, “that gnawing feeling in your gut”.

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I would order out for Chinese.

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I’d try to figure out how I got pregnant, without having sex…

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The woman is pregnant from her husband or her lover, has not been bitten, and the humans call the zombies ‘walkers’. The walkers are fast moving buggers- zombies are supposed to be ‘zombielike’ in my mind- slow and out of it. @KatawaGrey ‘throw herself down the stairs’? Then she’d have broken bones as well as being pregnant!!!

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@faye: It was a joke.

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@KatawaGrey So was mine. What can be used besides that overused ‘lol’? I should have put lol behind my comment.

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@faye there’s always ~

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Well..considering I am 2 years out of menopause, clearly it would be an immaculate conception of mystical proportion. It would mean I was chosen to bring forth the zombie messiah. lolol

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