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Why are there so many murders of women in Juarez, Mexico?

Asked by partyrock (3870points) November 21st, 2011

Why are there so many cases of women being killed or kidnapped in Juarez, Mexico? Are they kidnapped to work in a sex trafficking ring ?

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Most of them are workers in sweatshops I think…not sure why or who kills them.

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There seems to be one or more serial killers loose down there. It has taken the authorities a long time to get working on this.

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If there are too many factors and too many dead to easily comprehend in the case of the murders in Juárez, there are some basic facts. Over the past decade and a half, women and girls as young as 5 have been beaten, raped and murdered, many with no outcome and often with police impunity. This has created a double bind for the women living in the city. On one side, they continue to be targets of the serial rapists and murderers committing the ‘unsolved’ crimes thus far. On the other, they are caught in a historically bound cycle of violence against women and now face a generalized atmosphere of violence in which women’s lives are without value and the taking of a woman’s life holds no threat of legal ramifications. At the same time, supposed and actual suspects are tortured into confessing to crimes they often did not commit as part of the larger scheme of governmental corruption and collusion.

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I think that it is mostly due to the fact that the area has manufacturers (manufacturers from other countries) that hire women at subsistence wages. This in turn draws women from areas much farther away where there is no work to be found at all. So you have large numbers of women, drawn to a central location, women who do not know each other & who do not know the local people, and this makes them vulnerable to predators. As @emmafabre pointed out, the lives of these women have no value (in their society & in too many other societies as well), so no one is interested in trying to find the killers. There is a great deal of corruption & when you add in the drug cartels – most people are too busy trying to stay alive themselves to worry about women that they do not know being killed. (The manufacturers certainly do not care, because there is always someone else they can hire.)

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It doesn’t help that most of the Mexican police resources are tied up in the war with the drug gangs.

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Police presence in Juarez is effectively nil, the city is run by the drug cartels so they do what they please with the law enforcement either corrupted, afraid, or dead for resisting.

Women are probably the easiest targets, and the motives are probably little more than just terrorism or hunting for sport.

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