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Are you aware that some news reporters are contractually obligated to deny climate change?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21648points) November 21st, 2011

Regardless of any amount of evidence or proof to the contrary, some public figures and news reporters are obligated by contract to deny that climate change is happening.

For example, Julia Hartley Brewer of Sky News must deny climate change both on TV and in her private life as part of her contract.

What are your thoughts on this?

How can this be legal?

Would you sign a contract that has that as a clause?

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It’s legal if you agree to the terms and get compensated for it. I would not sign such a clause, I don’t think, but then I have never been offered an obscene amount of money to be silent on something like this.

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I would think that it was not legal for the news outlet to put that in a contract. If I were her, I would have had it reviewed by a lawyer.

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Can you document that charge about Hattley for me, @poisonedantidote?

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@bkcunningham Yes, my bad.

On the TV show “David Mitchell’s The Bubble” S01E04 she was one of the guests, when accused of this by one of the other guests (Marcus Brigstocke) she admitted it.

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Yeah, and Hartley uses her children as bowling pins too. That was hilarious. Thanks for posting. I enjoyed the humor.

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I couldn’t work in journalism. If I uncovered another Monsanto, I wouldn’t be able to cover it up.

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Wow, that’s unfortunate. I guess that qualifies as one absolute evil side to journalism. Buying and selling of truths and lies in a flea market setting.

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That might be legal, I’ve no idea, but it shouldn’t be. Such conflicts of interest should also be required to be disclosed prior to any report on the subject in question.

And no, in the position of a reporter, it would never cross my mind to sign such a contract. That’s too much the definition of ethically compromised.

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I would think that this kind of contractual obligation would take you out of the realm of a “News” reporter and make you an entertainer ala Limbaugh, Hannity, Colms etc.

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The entire global warming debate is a red herring. It’s a weapon of mass distraction, and the real agenda is to sims prolong it while other stuff is executed mostly unseen.

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Maybe she doesn’t believe in global warming but for a journalist to sign an agreement like this is to agree to sell her soul.

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PSHT! News about News Reporters is not News to me.

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I’ll bet that there are some who are contractually obligated to promote it, too. Depends who you work for. There is dishonesty on both sides of the argument.

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