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How do you react to food/drink you don't like?

Asked by harple (10446points) November 21st, 2011

Inspired by this question, I was wondering how do you react to food that you don’t like?

Eg – I drink my tea very weak, with just a touch of milk. It does indeed look like dishwater. Particularly in the UK, people here mostly drink tea quite strong with a decent serving of milk, so my preference is unusual. I am regularly told “That looks disgusting!” Of course, what they really mean is that it’s not how they would like to drink it.

If I am somewhere where I can’t be so particular, I ask for a weak coffee and drink whatever I’m given.

There are only two foods that I absolutely cannot eat, namely liver and kidney (the texture causes an uncontrollable gagging reflex). With any other food, if I’m served it, I will eat it. (I have never been served liver or kidney – they’re just not that popular, thank goodness, so I have never had to politely decline food.)

If a friend is eating something that I don’t like, or don’t like the look of, I try not to say “Eurgh, that’s horrible”, although I must admit it’s sometimes the first thing that comes to mind.

So, it’s a two part question really:
1 – do you always eat what’s served to you by friends/family regardless of whether you like it?
2 – how do you react to seeing someone eating/drinking something that you find repulsive?

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I don’t care what other eat or drink (if it’s something I find repulsive I’m just glad it’s them and not me who has to eat it).

I would not eat something I hated just to soothe someone’s feelings. Usually, there’s some part of the meal I can eat.

(I like my tea very strong with plenty of milk. I hate weak coffee or tea. So we would be incompatible except in a tea shop.)

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I just eat some of it. As far as the second question, one of my dream guests at a pot luck dinner would be Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre foods.

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I eat it. I don’t care if it turns my stomach with disgust, as long as it’s safe and not poison it’s going in the belly.

I was raised on Mallorca, if you ever waste food in front of a Mallorquin person they will look at you as if you had just kicked a small child in the face.

Having said that, I have a real hard time watching people eat things I dislike.

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I once made the mistake of adding anchovies to a pizza. Bad mistake. The salty fish ruined the taste of the pizza and I had to order another one.

Anchovies are on my hit list…..forever!

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I am very picky (taste and texture issues) and I won’t subject myself to being sick just for the sake of pleasing someone else when they serve me something I don’t like. I don’t make comments about it though. I just pick through the food and eat what I like and leave what I don’t like on the plate.

It doesn’t bother me when other people eat something I don’t like. I certainly don’t tell them that their food is gross or anything like that.

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Oh I will just eat it, I don’t think it is really possible to outright say I don’t like something before I have tried that particular dish (even if I know I don’t like the ingredients) or only after one mouthful as tastes can grow on you and change and that initial mouthful may be horrible but the food actually turn out to be ok. At the end of the day food is food and I shudder to think about all of those starving people. I only buy what I need and will cook up food and freeze it if it starts to go off. I couldn’t see food go to waste so I would rather eat it and not enjoy it than throw it away. The only time I would refuse to eat something would be if I didn’t think it safe to eat or if it simply way too spicy (although I can hack some heavy heat)!
I would’t go out and deliberately buy the foods I don’t like but if someone else cooked them for me then I would eat it.
I am always up for trying new things and love to eat unusual foods. Your tastes are always changing too so foods I say I don’t like at the moment I am always willing to try again later to see if I like them yet.

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1. There are very few things I don’t like (mostly anything involving milk) and my friends and family know what I like/don’t like and what is safe/not safe for me to eat. They wouldn’t be offended if I decline. If I’m being fed by someone who doesn’t know about my dietary intolerance I just leave what I can;t eat, buit I don’t say anything or draw attention to it.

2. I don’t are what other people eat and even if I think it looks disgusting I won’t say anything. Unless it’s my partner and I’m teasing him.

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I gag. :(
It’s really embarrassing, so I try to avoid situations that might bring this on. I am very sensitive to textures and smells when it comes to food, so anything exotic or new is approached with caution. I don’t want to be rude, and I appreciate the gesture behind anyone trying to offer me a meal or inviting me to share theirs… but I know that no matter how polite I want to be, putting something in my mouth that I don’t like is extremely likely to lead to me throwing up on the plate. Even watching someone eat something that I find repulsive can make me gag, at times. If I think it is going to be that bad, I find a good reason to excuse myself.

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Onions….I bloody hate onions. If ever an onion & I happen to be in the same room then one of us simply has to leave. The onions tossed through a window no doubt.

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Perhaps because I was brought up on plates of tripe and lard pieces there are no foods I don’t like.

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If someone was consuming something that looked disgusting, I’d probably leave without saying anything. However, if it looked like they were eating human body parts, I’d leave and then call the police.

If they were doing that in my house, I’d probably say something like, “Eeeew, don’t eat that in my house!”.
Thankfully my creepometer is tuned enough for me to avoid cannibals, so that none of them would ever get inside my house.

I don’t think I’ve ever been served anything outside of an eatery since I moved out of my parents house. Subsequently I’ve been offered food that I didn’t feel like eating, and I’ve always just politely declined, rather than insulting the offering or defenestrating the dish. ;-)

BTW, I prefer regular strength tea, but neither the taste nor appearance of weak tea with a little milk bothers me at all. IMO I think the people making those comments to you are rude. If someone said that to me, I’d probably say something like, “Then why not maximize the distance between my tea and you?”.

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I usually try it, at least. If I really don’t like it, I may push it around the plate a bit, but I don’t eat it. If asked, I will say, “No, I’m sorry,” and leave it at that. It’s embarrassing, but sometimes necessary. Gagging would be worse.
I knew someone who put lemon and milk in his tea. The resulting curdle was disgusting. I could only look away.

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I just don’t eat it. I typically find a way around it without being too rude.

And I can’t really watch someone eat something that I find repulsive. I have to sit at a different table, or avoid looking at them at all until they’re finished eating. If it’s so repulsive that the smell of it offends my nose, I’m forced to excuse myself before I vomit. Major things on that list include: asparagus, Brussels sprouts, blood pudding and haggis.

…As a side note, some foods are perfectly fine but are temporarily repulsive because of something nasty the cook has done. My husband’s grandmother will dip a spoon into whatever she’s cooked, taste the food, then put that same spoon back into the dish. Makes me gag just thinking about it. I refuse to eat at her house when she’s done the cooking. I usually say that either I’m still full from breakfast, or I’m taking diet pills that curb my appetite, and I eat something she couldn’t possibly have licked, like salad or something. Except salad is usually difficult at her place too, because she keeps salad dressings that are 2 years past expiration. <shudder>

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“You’re missing out.”

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I try to control how much gets on my plate, and then I’ll eat a bite and ignore the rest. Sometimes I will try to trick myself into liking it, but like everyone, I have textures (okra) and flavors (eggplant and sulfurous foods) that I can’t stand.

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1 – do you always eat what’s served to you by friends/family regardless of whether you like it?
Nope. If I don’t like something, I’ll tell them politely that I don’t like it. But I will always taste it before I pass judgment.
2 – how do you react to seeing someone eating/drinking something that you find repulsive?
I’d most probably make a face. I wouldn’t say anything like ‘Ew!’ or ‘That is disgusting!’

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If it’s food I’ve ordered then I eat around the yuck part if I choose to not order something else.

If it’s food served me by a host then I do my best to say nothing and eat around the yuck part. If the entirety is yuck then I feign to eat a small bit, usually swallow it whole trying not to smell nor taste.

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If I taste something I don’t like, I simply swallow it and don’t take any more. I have been pleasantly surprised by some foods, such as calamari, but I couldn’t bear to taste those tiny octopus.

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Scratching my head on this one… I really can’t think of the last time this has happened to me. The last thing I had trouble eating was some homemade goat curry full of dried chiles and habanero peppers. It was hot like fire and lava but it was soo good, so I washed it down with a ton of naan and light beer and then had horrible heartburn all night. It was worth it.

I’ll try any food once. Jellyfish salad was a really nice surprise.

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Ha, good but funny question.

1 – do you always eat what’s served to you by friends/family regardless of whether you like it? No but I’m usually very persistent with letting others know what foods I like or not so it rarely comes to that. In some odd scenerios where I had to I’m usually either “very sick” or “I’m full since I ate already” ;o)

2 – how do you react to seeing someone eating/drinking something that you find repulsive? I do everything I can not to look or pay attention to them eating it.

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I’m trying to think of the last time I had food “served” to me. Seems to me the food has always been on the table, take it or leave it. That’s how I was raised, too.

Two instances come to mind, though. When I was 14 my boyfriend invited me to his parents for dinner. Anyway, they served veal with mint jelly. It was horrid. I choked down a little, but just flat couldn’t eat any more. I couldn’t. I could tell they were taken aback and felt bad but…I just couldn’t. But I did try to spend the rest of the evening being very cheerful and friendly….
Another time, as an adult, I went to an acquaintances house. Her 13 year old had made homemade chicken and noodles. She had even made the noodles from scratch! She was really excited about it so I happily accepted a bowl. Who doesn’t like chicken and noodles??!..Well..somehow she hadn’t quite gotten the less savory pieces of chicken off the bone and my first bite was into a big, gloggy, slimy, chewy mass of gristle or something. Choke city again. Gosh. I felt soooo bad. I just couldn’t control my reflexes. I felt soooooo bad. I tried to cover it over my chowing down on the noodles after that (avoiding the chicken) but I don’t think it helped much. : (

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I take plates full to make the person feel good and then feed it to their dog.

Seriously, I would tell them if it was something I didn’t care for. If someone is making something and I am a guest, they ask or tell their food plan ahead of time. I don’t know of anybody who makes a meal for or with guests a surprise.

They can eat, whatever they choose, but again, I will defer to my previous statement.

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I don’t consume food/drink that I don’t like.

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