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What did you marry?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) November 21st, 2011

Aside from love and personality, what did you marry? Did you marry money? If so, what kind of potential? Did you marry talent? If so, what kind of talent? Did you marry a ne’er-do-well? An abuser? An athlete? A musician? An intellectual? A friend?

Aside from loving her deeply, my wife is a dancer and she has a law degree. She is very smart and is a good problem solver. I married talent, intelligence, beauty and debts (but with the potential for good money).

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What? My wife is not a what.

She was and still is my best friend and marriage partner.

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Definitely my best friend. A great sense of humor, a big heart, a hard worker and a father.

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I married an object.

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I married my best friend ( something I have never had a moment’s regret over ), a very kind, compassionat, loving, affectionate, intelligent woman. I love her with all my heart, and she says the same about me. What’s not to like? : D

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A son of a renowned scientist. A man with an IQ off the charts. A man I struggle to understand on a daily basis. A man who used to fascinate me and now frustrates me as well. A man I seem to continually disappoint. A man who no longer has desire or patience for me. A man who resents me. A man who apparently blames me for the current unhappiness he feels in his life. A man who can’t understand my need to talk about problems. A man who reads physics lectures for fun, but can’t manage his finances or get himself to work on time in the mornings. A man who is currently undergoing a diagnostics procedure for an ASD. A man who is on the autism spectrum.

And a man whose soul I connect with on a stellar level. Somewhere in the Universe, we are one. There is no one I have been with on a deeper level. I’m not sure what that says about me, but I have my level of frustration, because of how much and how deeply I love him. I desperately want him to be the man I know he is. I see it sometimes, glimpses, moments when he talks about his work, or when I see him with the children really connecting with them. He is perfect and he is flawed. He is mine and I love him.

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A kleptomaniac…......she stole my heart! Womance is so woveley…it’s twoo, it’s twoo!!

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I married a generous spirit. We share a kindliness towards people, but he is more generous than I. He balances my tendency to withhold. Example: when our kids asked for ice cream while in the park, I’d say, “No, but go ask your father.” He’d say yes. I just have a stingy streak which I fight all the time.

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I married a musician (I still say music is his first wife), a protector, a friend, an intelligent conversationalist, a reader, a support system, a foodie and a beer connoisseur.

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I married a “what”? I shall inform him that he is just an object. Could you support me after the divorce is final?

I married a beautiful man who loves me despite my faults and dotes on both of his accidental children. I married a lovely human being who takes pride in his work and honors his parents. I married a sexy beast who does everything he can to see to my conjugal pleasure. I married a kind and thoughtful gentleman, who is occasionally cranky and irresponsible. I married my best friend and my lover.

I didn’t marry his qualities/attributes/possessions. I married him.

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According to my wife, I married a house, she married a student loan.

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I’d like to add to my previous answer and say: I married a sweet man who just called me from work, for no reason other than to tell me he loves me.

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I married a man with a great big giant heart who feels for animals, old people and the less fortunate. I married responsibility, emotional stability, patience, generosity, empathy, kindness, perseverance and optimism. I really feel he is a good balance for me, accentuating my better nature and encouraging where I am not strong. It feels like we help each other grow, heal, discover and of course, make the most of our opportunities for fun.

It’s gravy that he’s handsome, sexy, virile, makes good money and treats my family/friends exceedingly well.

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I married an incredible brain, a great body, a wonderful talent, a kind heart.

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I am interpreting your question to mean what type of spouse/family did I get. My husband is a one of a kind, which was what attracted me to him in the first place. He is 8 years younger than I am, and was in graduate school when we met – a good sign.

He comes from a wealthy, yet frugal family, and we recently celebrated our 36th anniversary. We have a lot in common, which helps with being compatible He is incredibly smart, and is well appreciated at his work.

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I married my best friend and I married a talented artist. Same person in case that was confusing.

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I married a 6’0 180 lb. six year old.
When I divorced him he had matured to about age 10.
Of course that took a solid 20 years and I decided that I’d rather be single than married to a slow growth redwood tree any longer.
By my calculations he would have reached about age 20 when I was 86. lol

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@Coloma Aren’t you the cougar!

I married someone who was vulnerable, wounded, and abandoned. She was also beautiful, loving, and expressive. It was and is still the best decision I ever made.

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I married my cat Orlando in third grade. A friend officiated it. He wore a bracelet (ring was too small) made of yellow pipe cleaner and I kissed him on the lips. He ran away a few weeks later. Guess married life was too stressful for Orly-pie!

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[ Three cheers for @filmfann ! ] : ))

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“I can’t answer that now. There are legal implications.

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I married a man who cant turn a screw driver. Leaves crumbs every. Irresponsible with money. Passive aggressive. Selfish. But can make me laugh. I often feel as if im sinking in water and he is the cement filled bucket on my feet

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