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Dear Jellies, any brilliant ideas for a Christmas gift for my husband?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23110points) November 21st, 2011

I can’t think of anything great to get him this year. He’s one of those guys who’s difficult to shop for. He doesn’t go in for typical husband or dad gifts, like a new wallet, tie, etc…

I’m trying to keep his gift at a reasonable price, like $100 or less, unless it’s something really amazing, then I could go a little higher.

I won’t even mention his likes, so you can browse the deepest parts of your imaginations for “guy gifts” without being stuck in a theme.

I honestly have no idea what to get him this year. I need your help jellies!!! Anyone have a brilliant idea for my love? Christmas sex is not a gift, as he’ll be getting that anyway, lol.

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Power tools, BJ vouchers or a cool gadget.

The webiste has some cool toys if he is a gadget man.

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A magazine subscription? National Geographic or Scientific American.

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Beer Brewing kit?
@poisonedantidote “BJ vouchers”? Can you get those at Walmart?

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Radar detector
Home seltzer water maker thingy
Brookstone slippers (my husband loves his, they last a very long time)
Wine of the month

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New cell phone
Tickets to a movie or concert?

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Bluetooth. According to Sheldon on “The Big Bang Theory” all guys love bluetooth and bluetooth makes everything better.

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Most men like to eat. Does he like cheese? How about a Cheese of the Month subscription? If he’s not into that, you can always send that to me : )

Does your husband like barbecue? Maybe he’d like some barbecue sauce or hot sauce or even some smoked meats/sausage from Southside Market in Elgin Texas.

How about a selection of Gourmet Salsas?

Does he like beer? If so, he might like to get a different Microbrew each month.

Do you guys have a bunch of photos inside your computer or still on your camera? Howzabout printing out a bunch of them and making some framed photos or a big old photo album for him?

And speaking of photos, maybe you’d like to treat him to one of those sexy couples photo sessions? Or better yet, why not go by yourself and have some “romantic” photos of yourself taken to give to him.

How about an overnight stay at a bed and breakfast in the next town over? Could be very romantic.

Think of all the fun things that you’ve never done within a hundred mile radius of your town. Is there anything you think he’d like to do? Like take a boat sightseeing cruise, or go to a Casino for a wee bit of gambling and a big old buffet, or pack a gourmet lunch (from some fancy place that you think he’d like) and then take a hike in your local mountains/beach/park/desert (maybe present it as something you’ll do when the weather is nicer) or find out if there is a musical group or comedian that will be coming to town in December or January or even February that you think he’d like to see and book tickets.

Or present him with the idea that you are going to take him to any restaurant in town, and preferably some place that he’d like to go, but either haven’t gone to because it’s a little too pricey to too fancy, or some place that you haven’t been to in like forever, but have a nostalgic feeling for. Go through your local restaurant guide to give him some potential ideas but let him pick the place. Some guys will say, “I don’t know” so that’s why you need to offer him some examples.

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@Kardamom Oooh, the overnight stay thing is a great idea. He loves getting away for mini-vacations.

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I was thinking a gift certificate for a family outing of some sort with you and the kids. A day at a park, a picnic, etc.

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That sounds good too, but it would have to be somewhere indoors since the weather’s turning cold, and I can’t tolerate the cold. I know, I’m a weenie. =0)

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@WillWorkForChocolate Let me work on that. An indoor family outing of some type then.

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My hubby and I typically give each other books, always used books, always purchased from some tiny used book store (eBay and Amazon is cheating!)

Last year he got me 25 different Star Trek novels, and to his credit, I had already read only two of them! And last year we started him on a Stephen King hardcover collection, and grabbed up a bunch of awesome biographies – Clint Eastwood, Abraham Lincoln, Jim Morrison, etc.

Books about people’s interests are always a great gift.

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Bookstore giftcard

Favorite restaurant giftcard where he could hang out with some friends, maybe a sportsbar.

Windbreaker with zipout wooley liner.

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Get him an exotic meat sampler. There are several companies that put these together. Find the one that has the best deal on what you want. Shop around because the prices can vary greatly from one company to the next.

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A lot of these ideas are fabulous, guys! Thanks!

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@WillWorkForChocolate I just thought of something else. Some cities have restaurants that feature Wine and Chocolate samplings.

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I like the magazine subscription idea. Try Mental Floss

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My wife and I have gotten into the habit of buying concert /comedy/theater tickets for each other as gifts, even if the event is months away. I then [as a graphic designer] concentrate on making a splashy card that announces the logistics, using photos, interesting papers, etc. to accentuate the specialness. That hand-made card or mini-poster then stays up on the cork board and reminds the other of the sentiment and of the anticipation that comes with it.

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@bccreative that is so nice! Hubby tried to do that twice, but with just the tickets. No sweet sentiment on a peg board. The first time was to a Sting concert, but he cancelled. The second time, I couldn’t get a babysitter so he went with someone else.

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If he reads, get him a Kindle if he does nt have one. and a couple of his favorite kind of books.

Some nice wine. or beer.

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@cazzie I marked yours as “great answer” only because it was profoundly sad… Do keep trying… work on the anticipation angle too!

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