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Do you know this Sci-Fi movie/mini series?

Asked by XOIIO (18288points) November 21st, 2011

Second time writing this due to a glitch so I’ll be fast. Basically a preview I saw on the Space channel about a giant alien ship that is “alive” and tries to kill/trap the humans sent to explore it. It was definitely a newer show/movie/thing, do you know of it?

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“Farscape” – but the ship in this show is not a thread to the travellers… or “Event Horizon”?

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Not farscape andI don’t think it’s even horizon. I think I might have watched half that one but the ship doesn;t look the same as it did in the preview.

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Did you recognize any actors? Was this for a new movie? A showing of an older film? Is it low budget? A big production?

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It definitely looked like something new, looked medium budged, its maybe a couple years old or more. Since it was on space I’m thinking it may have been a mini-series.

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Sounds like an episode of Red Dwarf to me. Was it a comedy?

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@Mat74UK Didn’t seem like it.

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Could be Pandorum.

That came out a couple of years ago, and starred Ben Foster, the kid from the early ‘90s Disney series Flash Forward.

That’s the only newer space-y movie I can think of. It’s not really a “the ship attacks” thing, but I remember the previews I saw made it seem that way.

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Unfortunately no :(

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Didn’t find anything searching that.

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umm no


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