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I need to crack an administrator password on my new laptop, can anyone help me?

Asked by marialisa (464points) November 21st, 2011

The password I set up for administrator on my son’s laptop will not work. I am pretty darn sure I used my normal password. The hint for password reset even shows it should be what I thought.
Can anyone help me out here?

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Check your caps and lowercase—that is usually my challenge with getting PWs to work . . .

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No, it is not that, I never use caps. I have used every form of the password I usually use. I need a safe free program to crack it. I also need the link to a website for it. Thanks!

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We need to know the laptop make and model as well as the OS.

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HP Pavilion g6–1b79dx
Windows 7

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I was a similar situation recently, and it turned out that there was no password; I simply had to press “Enter.” Sounds dumb, but try it!

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No,enter doesnt work. Thanks.

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If you’re talking about the CMOS password (the login screen where you select user), I know three ways to reset it.

1. Use the Windows recovery disc that came with the computer. After a few login attempts on Windows 7, it’ll give you an option to reset the admin password. If you have the disc, just follow the onscreen directions.

2. If you’re comfortable enough opening up the system, you can do one of two things, or both if one shouldn’t work:
A. Remove the battery for CMOS until it drains and resets the password.
B. Switch a jumper cable from position 2 to position 1. I’m shady on this one, if you decide to do it, read up on it first.

3. Send it into MS for a password reset.

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Could you explain 2. A? How does that work?

Anyone trust Ophcrack? If so, how do I do it?

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While using Ophcrack isn’t as difficult as brain surgery, it shares one attribute; if you have to ask how, you probably shouldn’t use it. Then again. it’s rather moot since the Win7 tables are not free.

As for removing the CMOS battery, that if often the easiest way. It usually causes the PC to forget all of the BIOS settings, including the CMOS password. However, it only affects the hardware; it will not affect Windows in any way, shape, or form.

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