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How can I get the best deal on a Mac on Black Friday?

Asked by sevenfourteen (2422points) November 21st, 2011

Ok so I’ve already tried searching through the billions of mac questions and don’t think it’s been answered but if so whoops. If not here’s the deal:

My current pc is in the crapper (not dead yet but not far from it) and xmas is right around the corner. Soo I’ve decided to get a mac. I’m in school so I qualify for the education discount. I’m also thinking I’ll get it in New Hampshire to avoid paying tax (yes, I’m in college I need the discount). Now my dad would also get a military discount – is this better than the education discount? Can we use them both? Can I still get a deal on Black Friday or should I not bother going there on the craziest day of the year?

Also – I would like to use it to do some publishing (nothing serious, just for personal use). Are there any programs on a Mac that would enable me to do this or would I have to buy something?

PS- I should probably add that I’m just assuming it is best to buy it from the apple store directly but if it’s the same product guarantee elsewhere share the knowledge

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You can go into any BestBuy, Fry’s or major electronic store that sales Apple products and it will be the same as buying it from the Apple Store. There are programs for script writing, or story writing, but everyone has to pay for a program. It’s what separate professionals from the amateurs. For instance, if you’re a musician, you’ve got to buy the Logic Pro application if you want to make it into the commercial big time. Same with photographers, you’ve gotta mess around with the Adobe Suite, because that’s what is in within the industry at the moment. They are very powerful tools made by software engineers. Hard work made, for hard workers. Mac has Office Mac. Something much cheaper is called Pages. Also iWork is slightly cheaper than Office Mac.

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I would not go shopping on black Friday for any deal. I would hate to be you pulling out all your disount coupons, your school ID, your dad’s military ID and the mean person behind you screaming at you that you’re holding up the line. If I remember correctly, you can get the same deals that happen on Black Friday online.

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Apple is announcing a special shopping day this link shows their past discounts in previous years. I would watch and see what they offer at the Apple Store.

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@chyna If your main concern is a customer behind you yelling at you for pulling out some coupons on Black Friday, you definitely shouldn’t be going out in the world period. @sevenfourteen There are some ridiculous deals pertaining to electronics on Black Friday, I’d take advantage of cheap memory.

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@whitetigress That was tongue in cheek.

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@whitetigress from what I’m seeing on bestbuy etc the student discount is better than what they’re offering on Friday anyways so at the least I know I’ll be saving $100+
@creative1 that is somewhat hopeful, maybe it’ll be worth it to wait.

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@sevenfourteen Are you talking about the 100$ gift from Apple? The one that is only good for the Apple App Store, iTunes, etc?

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Pay somebody to camp out for you in hopes of getting the best deal, or wait until Monday when they go on regular sale online.

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Try and Ebay. Some really good buys are at both, especially now at Christmas.

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There’s plenty of inexpensive or free software available for Macs, Scribus, for example. Also, RAM and disk drives are currently priced very competitively; buying a system with a minimal configuration and doing an upgrade might save you some cash. Apple charges $200.00 to upgrade from 4GB of RAM to 8GB in a 15” MacBook Pro, while Ramjet will sell you 8GB for $120.00 and give you a rebate for the RAM you replace.

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@sevenfourteen Let us know how you made out yesterday…. I am curious to find out

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Apple computers were on sale yesterday! By a hundred dollars even.

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@creative1 honestly I didn’t even get one. I thought it might be a little more than $100. I just couldn’t justify spending $1000 on a mac when I could buy a pc for $600 and get a super nice computer. My comp now is dying but it’s not dead yet so I’m just going to keep looking and waiting for a crazy good sale. After all I’m in college – I cannot afford spending a whole month’s salary on a computer and leave myself without gas or groceries.

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@sevenfourteen Yeah I would only recommend Apple for people in the creative industry, or those who like really clean interfaces and superb customer service from Apple.

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Yeah – my first laptop was an HP and I loved that thing till the end. It technically didn’t even die but that’s a different story. So I’m looking into HPs, something about 14” and fast. I don’t do a whole lot of things on the computer especially at home so it’s really going to be used for about a year while I’m in grad school and not sure if I’ve mentioned I am looking into writing a book/making a blog

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