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I'm new to Fluther. How did it get started? When and why did you decide to participate?

Asked by comity (2837points) November 22nd, 2011

As a new participant, I’d like to know more about our online community.

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In the beginning there was a council of three almighty jellies. The first lived off of the coast of Korea, and was subsequently eaten. The second, not being eaten, felt that knowledge should be had by all, and that those whom sought such knowledge shouldst have a place in which to acquire it. By mustering all of his power he forged the internet itself. Resting dormant awhile he was able to put the last of his strength into registering the domain From this point he entrusted the duties of management to the jelly overlords, those whom we name ‘moderator’.

The third did dwell in the deep places of the earth. Twisted and evil by the passage of time itself. Still, he lay in dreaming. But beneath the waters of the seas he was disturbed; the moon and the winds wrought havoc with his ocean. Awakened once more, he struck terror into the minds of men. Restless, ever anxious. He doth preside in in all places dark and shadowed. The sole reason all of mankind may never truly rest, for he awaits us. Wanting only to drive us mad. He is the great old one, and truly has he awoken.

Also, to be less silly, I believe it started in roughly 2006 (please correct me if I’m wrong, that’s just the first I recall hearing about it, and I can’t find a source) when someone wanted to know what a group of jellyfish was called. So they wanted to have a website where questions like that could be asked. I came here as a refugee after the answerbag crisis a few years back.

Super-sneaky ninja-edit: Don’t know why I said 2006 originally, I only heard about it in 2008.

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@KoleraHeliko Nice story! I like it!

Check out my first question it is pretty similar to this, I was wondering the same thing when I started. Why are other people here?

I just stumbled across it one day during my final year at university when I googled a question which had been asked on fluther and got the answer I needed, I then clicked on one of the related questions down the side and then here I am! I was hooked. I had about a year and a half break when I got a job and didn’t have much time for the internet but now I’m back studying again it allows me to take a break everyso often but do something productive and help people at the same time. This is my first and only question site I have been involved in. I wouldn’t go anywhere else now.
[Edit] oh and welcome to fluther!

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I like your story too KoleraHeliko. I too stumbled across it Bongo, when I was searching for vegetarian websites to find answers to questions from a non vegetarian, and came across Fluther. The answers were intelligent and thoughtful and I decided to be a particpant. Like you, this is the first and only question site I have been involved in.

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I am a refugee from several Q&A sites that shut down. I did a Google search to find another. I found a list and tried a few before I settled on Fluther.

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The first nekked pancake party had me hooked.

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@erichw1504 check your frizzer for some cake, i’ll make some pancakes with pancakes and I think we could have a Tuesday-party on our hands

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Judging by the reponses, you’re all alot younger then yours truly. Aaah! Sweet youth!! Keep on keeping on and enjoy!

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@bongo Yo dawg I herd you like making pancakes. So, we put pancakes in your pancakes so you can make pancakes while you make pancakes.

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There are lots of us “mature” jellies. I am almost 52 and there are those that range on the high end from 40’s to late 60’s all the way down to teens.
You might be the new matriarch.
Hail wise women of the world!

We are the tribal sages of goddessdom! :-)

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P.S. I found Fluther returning from an overseas vacation to Asia 2 years ago this coming March.

I liked the intelligent and stimulating discussions. I have joked that Fluther has been the longest known case of jet lag recovery in history. lol

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@comity: There are enough of us here to balance out the youngsters. You will find many fluthers who like your user name and don’t have to look it up in the dictionary.

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I asked Google a question and landed here. The answers were interesting, stimulating (mostly) and funny. So I stayed. I’m on the older side too, but find a lot of the younger people thoughtful and intelligent. It’s a community of lively people. Welcome.
P.S. You can be any age you want to be here.

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@erichw damn straight I gotz pancakes in my pancakes on my pancakes while I drive pancakes, I might put a car in a car and drive my pancakes around my car, you got the frozzen cake?

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@comity There are plenty young middle agers such as myself on Fluther. I got directed over here from a vegetarian cooking site. So in the beginning, I was only answering food related questions and apparently I got a reputation for that LOL. But then I realized that there were all sorts of interesting questions on here and it just took off from there.

I was very happy to find out that I was not the only person on earth that loves the TV show The Nanny, and I was grateful to know that Star Trek geeks and Harry Potter lovers are embraced, rather than scorned : )

The other thing that I’ve learned that is after some long winded, often heated threads, with much squabbling, the subject always returns to food. It seems to be one of the things that Jellies can all relate to and calms everyone down.

I hope you stick around : )

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I’ll stick around, but is there anyone here over 75. If not, then I’ll be the grand matriach. I like that title!

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One could argue this is how it started.

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Don’t use the ‘L’ word, liberal. Don’t have a typo. Be gay friendly. Avoid any mention of God, and you will be OK. :-)

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Hypocrisy – I’m confused. I thought Liberals were liberal in attitude and gay friendly, but Conservatives weren’t.

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I just be yourself, liberal, conservative, or liberally liberal and conservatively conservative or spiritual and liberally apolitical like me.
We’re a melting pot community, just like the real world. haha ;-)

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@comity: Watch out for inaccurate (and possibly self-serving) propaganda. You can be any political or religious persuasion you want to. You can mention anything you want; you can espouse any belief system you want.

Just be courteous, be clear, be brief and be willing to edit ( as we all, on occasion, are asked to do.)

And be prepared to wade through a few murky logical fallacies if you aren’t careful.

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