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Does this glitch dealing with @username bother anyone else?

Asked by keobooks (14322points) November 22nd, 2011

I frequently edit, back up and retype when I write posts. If I do this, the @username feature breaks and I can’t use it anymore. I know I can just type out the name myself, but sometimes if the name is long or I have trouble spelling it correctly, has spaces or nonstandard capitalization, the @username feature doesn’t work.

I didn’t write this just to whine. I want to know if there are any Firefox scripts or fixes so I can help myself. I’d like it to be added on a to-do list to fix. I love the @username feature. But my typing sucks and I need help keeping it working.

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It doesn’t work in an edit either or on the iPhone. I’m old enough to remember typewriters, white out, and carbon paper so it doesn’t bother me so much.

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Yeah, I suck at typing too, and it is a pain. You can only get the drop-down menu of usernames if the ”@” is at the end of the text, not if you try to go back and insert it in text you’ve already typed. For difficult names, I’ll sometimes type the @ at the end of my text, then cut and paste the @username into my text where I want it.

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Like @thorninmud, when I am still on the main screen, I simply put the name at the end of the text so the drop-down menu works. Then I copy and paste the name where I want it to be.

In the edit screen, there is no way to get the menu. So I usually open the edit window in a new tab so I can copy and paste usernames from the main page of the question. That way I’m sure to get them right.

I don’t find either of those extra steps to be too much work. It would be nice if the steps weren’t necessary, but since I can still get everything to come out correctly, I don’t mind doing them.

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I frequently edit, back up and retype when I write posts. If I do this, the @username feature breaks and I can’t use it anymore.

Does this glitch dealing with @username bother anyone else?


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Yes, this annoys me too. I’m really bad at remembering spellings.

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Yea it annoys the hell out of me, I usually end up hitting back again, coping the users name I need, and then going back to the edit page and just pasting it there.

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Even a good typist can easily make mistakes entering usernames—what with mixtures of upper- and lower-case, hidden underscores, and other subtleties. So Id also like to see this feature become more reliable.

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No biggie. I love the feature. Great if it becomes more usable during backtrack and editing.
If not, I will live.

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I’ve noticed that too since I frequently mess up with the spelling on my posts from trying to type so fast (and sometimes fatigue). Not a biggie with me though and I like fluther’s textile format over HTML since it is easier for me to remember how to use so that makes up for this glitch alone to me.

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Like @bobbinhood, If I forget to put the name in the text, I put it at the end, and then cut and paste it where I want. But it only works at the end of the comment. If there’s any text—even a space—after it, it won’t work.

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I do the cut and paste trick like @wundayatta . It works for me.

By the way, you’re looking very nice today. :-)

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I so feel what your saying. It’s like, a total outrage.

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It’s apparently not a glitch, but rather a programming error. I do what @worriedguy does, just copy my answer, delete everything, and paste it back in fresh.

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Yes, it can be irritating.

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Just put two spaces, go to the start, type the username and delete one space.

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It can be irritating, for sure. I was here before we even had the @username function though, so it’s still a big step up! I copy the username from their answer (just underneath their avatar) and paste it in, if I have to add it in the middle of some text.

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