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Do you think that this is a good easel?

Asked by Jude (32134points) November 22nd, 2011

I would like to purchase it for my g/f for Christmas and I don’t want to buy a hunk-o-junk. What do you think?


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I think that it looks very good.

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I like the dove-tailing on the ends, but the legs appear to be too small for the load it has to carry.

Its hard to tell by just looking at a photograph. Its made in France for whatever that might mean.

They only have three, so apprarently they have sold a few. It has a seven day moneyback gurantee, so this might mean something.

Are you a gambler?

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My wife is an artist and she prefers to separate the two things that appear here: an easel and storage. Your g/f could of course be different.. but at least one vote goes to a more simple easel with a separate storage for paints, etc.

ASW has some good deals that may be a bit more thrifty.

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My wife uses one like that for “plein air” painting (trips to the local lake or field). If your g/f is only a studio artist than I agree with @digitalimpression, separate easel and storage.

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Ran it by the g/f and she approves. It is similar to one that she borrowed from her Uncle. So, it’s a buy.

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It’s tough to judge the hardware and fit of something like a collapsible easel without getting your hands on them, it’s hard to say…

The classic portable/collapsible plein air easel is the Jullian
The Jullian is pricier than most for two reasons, it really is top-quality (and probably costs a bit more to make), and… everybody knows it’s the classic so they can get a premium price. The design and build are time-tested for durability (good hardware in the right places) balanced with light-weight and usability.

When I compared the Jullian to the others at Pearl Paint the lowest-price ones just seemed flimsy/unstable. The mid-priced ones were competent and workable, I probably would have been happy with one of those. But the Jullian was lighter than the others yet it was clear that it would last longer and be more sturdy through it’s lifetime due to the design, what it’s made of, and how well it’s made.

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I agree with the above comments—it really depends on her painting style. I have a very similar easel for watercolor on the run and an easel capable of holding much larger paper/canvas for studio use. @dabbler is absolutely right about the Jullian!

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