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I love antiques, but, musty odors make me gag. How do I get rid of the smell?

Asked by Jude (32101points) November 22nd, 2011

I have a very sensitive nose and once asked my girlfriend if we could eat somewhere else when we were dining at an antique table. It stunk like must.

I have an old claw foot chair with beautiful upholstery from the 1800’s. She smells a bit musty. How can I get rid of the smell?

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You can use Vinegar. The solution is poured in areas filled with mold and mildew before washing. Likewise, Baking soda spread across a moldy area. Air refresher sprays are also available.

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I think you should keep it in fresh air for a while, that’ll get rid of the smell if it’s exposed.
Do you have dehumidifier? If you run a dehumidifier on it I’d expect the smell to be gone after a few days..
PS: Ground dry coffee is a great odor remover.

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I’d use baking soda on fabric or put it outside for a while in the shade where a breeze can blow on it.

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Have it cleaned by a professional antique restorer.

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Put them in an airlock and expose them to vacuum for a few hours. The outgassing will eliminate the odors. Just make sure your ship is turned so that the sun doesn’t shine into the airlock, or the unfiltered sunlight will discolor the wood.

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Hopefully cleaning too thoroughly won’t drop its value. Try Fabreeze?

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Agreed with the vinegar. It’s the best thing going when dealing with mold/mildew. If it still stinks, PM me, and I’ll put my thinker to work. (I ran a cleaning business for many years, and I’ve cleaned all sorts of stuff).

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If it is valuable and especially if dark colored, I would do as @YARNLADY suggests and have it treated by a professional.

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