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How do I determine the health of a company (prospective employer)

Asked by goose756 (655points) November 22nd, 2011

I have been looking online to determine the health of a particular company which I have interviewed for. I basically just want to know that the company is succeeding, eliminating debt, making money, etc. (job security). Does anyone know of any public records where I can obtain that information or where to look??

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If it is a public company, look at Yahoo Finance or Google Finance to read what analysts say.

If it is private, look at local and regional papers for news and/or sales reports. If it is large, see if there is anything in the last year in the Wall Street Journal.

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Ask Human Resources if the company has had any layoffs. Read about the company in the business pages.

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If it’s a public company, Edgar is the place to go for all SEC filings on a company.

Otherwise, Google the firm and see how long they have been in operation, if there is any information on profitability; any takeover rumors; and estimates of employment; a sense of how competitive they are in their market niche, etc. These are all things you should know anyway, if you are applying for employment.

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