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Why don't men carry purses?

Asked by AmWiser (14932points) November 22nd, 2011

Inspired by this question. Not only do some people have stuffed wallets, most women can hardly get through a day without an overflowing handbag.

Why don’t men carry purses?

In the course of a day, don’t they need:
Hand sanitizer
Cell phone
This is just a partial list of things most women carry in their purses/handbags that usually go wherever they go. How do men do without these necessities in the course of a day? Especially the hand sanitizer:-}
Just wondering!

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Because they carry wallets. And have pockets.
Some guys do carry ‘manbags’ though…

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@MilkyWay Or, murses.

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Exactly ;)

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My jeans weighs 2,5 kilo.

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Everything I need fits in my pockets, and much of your list doesn’t get carried around with me. On a regular basis I carry my wallet, cellphone, sunglasses if it is/will be sunny, keys and now that the weather is getting drier, chapstick. I rarely have a need to carry much beyond that, but there still is room in my pockets if I do.

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Manbags are so douchy…

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Because they’d look like big girl’s blouses, around these here parts anyway.
Scotsmen of course have the sporran swinging betwixed their legs, as an optional extra if you like.

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It’s too late now, the social institution is set, and any guy that deviates will just be criticised to oblivion, so it’s not worth it. I do not know why guys stopped, because everyone used to carry bags a long time ago.

Maybe now it is because of the other institution that places importance on women’s appearance that they need purses. A lot of women don’t need purses.

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@Blackberry I am not sure about the country thought it was Russia but there is one where loads of men carry man purses like these ones.

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Real men acquire all the necessary equipment in the field.
Preferrably by looting slain enemies.

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I carry a purse the size of a Volkswagen Beetle, so that my SO doesn’t need to carry any of those things except for his phone and his keys LOL. I even have emergency supplies in my purse because my Dad has some medical problems that make him a bleeder, so I’ve got giant bandages, gauze, and disinfectant spray for him. And I house sit a lot so I’ve got Imodium and Pepto Bismol and a flashlight and a big ring of keys. Plus everyone I know seems to use a different pain reliever, so I’ve got aspirin, Ibuprofen, Acetemenophen and Naproxen. Plus I do a lot of things with my little nephew, who tends to get very dirty and/or wet, so I have extra shorts and socks and plastic bags and baby wipes for him. And since I’m a vegetarian and often find myself in situations where there is nothing for me to eat, I carry around bags of nuts and breakfast bars. And I cannot count the number of times I’ve gone somewhere with my brother where he’s forgot his reading glasses or his sunglasses, so I have extra pairs of those too.

So that’s why men don’t carry purses.

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Most of their stuff is in the glove compartment.

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Because it would take up too much room in my backpack that I take everywhere.

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Comb/brush – A lot of men are bald, short haired, or use product.
Glasses- We wear our glasses
Hand Sanitizer- We assume that no one will sleep with a man who has sanitizer
Lotion- Lotion is worse than sanitizer
Gum- Small enough for a pocket
Candy- See lotion, sanitizer above.
Checkbook- When are we writing checks? We have cards.
Cell phone- Pocket
Water- What? There is water or booze wherever we go.
Pen/pencil…... -Women have pens and pencils in those purse things if we are swapping numbers, or it goes directly into the phone

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Comb/brush - I comb my hair before I leave home, I don’t need to carry a comb with me.

Glasses - I wear them.

Hand sanitizer - Unless you’re immune system is weakened, exposing yourself to public germs is healthy for you! Sanitizers just make germs stronger.

Lotion - I don’t use it.

Gum - I don’t chew gum.

Candy - If I want candy, I’ll stop and grab a bar of candy.

Checkbook - Why would I want to take my checkbook with me somewhere and risk losing it? If I’m going to make a big purchase, I’ll use a credit card and pay the bill next month.

Cell phone - Goes in my pants pocket.

Water - Or soda or coffee or whatever goes in my cupholder in my car.

Pen/pencil - If I think I’ll need a pen wherever I’m going, I’ll stick one in my pocket. But I rarely need a pen with me.

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Comb/brush – no need
Glasses – you wear them in your face
Hand sanitizer – no need.
Lotion – no need
Gum – pocket
Candy – pocket
Checkbook – debit card, or cash
Cell phone – don’t have one
Water – better drink my own piss.
Pen/pencil – pocket. alternative: puncture finger, write with blood.

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None of that stuff you listed is realistic or essential though for anyone to carry around, in my opinion. Wallet goes in the pocket, glasses on the face, water bottle in the hand. Maybe if you’re on an outing and you need to carry a camera and sunglasses and candy or a snack and hand sanitizer (which is pointless anyhow) then it makes sense to bring some type of bag and I think on those occasions most men do carry something. It’s just not a purse.

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@ragingloli Don’t have a cellphone? Dude, now I know you are old!

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Mens clothing is a lot more functional than womens – the pockets tend to work better and we tend to carry less crap.
My daily carry is one credit card slip (This is the 21st century no on accepts checks anymore), one mobile phone and one key fob with one key. Oh and a watch. Anymore and I start to feel weighed down.

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I see more and more men wearing murses nowadays (contraction of man-purse in case anyone didn’t catch that lol). It’s a back pack or a messenger bag, but they do have them.

In addition to my wallet, I also carry prescriptions for acute appearances of certain medical conditions that won’t fit into a pocket.

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What are cargo pants for?

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I’m female and I only carry two of the items on your list.

I don’t know many men who need all this stuff. All they need is money and identification. Sunglasses get used and any drink or candy stays in the car. Cell phone is buried in the pocket not being used by the wallet.

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I have my Leatherman multitool, my pocket knife, my wallet has space for any checks I need to take with me. I am pretty much bald, don’t use lotions or hand sanitizer unless I have field dressed some game, in which case the sanitizer is in my hunting vest or tacklebox. I have a pen/pencil pocket in most of my shirts. Drinks and food stay in the cooler in the truck. I wear my photochromatic glasses all the time. Cell phone is in the breast pocket of my coat or shirt.

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Okay Jellies, I get the message…I guess I just need to learn to downsize. I just feel so incomplete without all the shhtuff in my purse.:-)

Response moderated (Flame-Bait)
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If a girl stuffs everything in her pockets, will she be seen as abnormal?

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@MilkyWay I don’t think so. I’ve tried to carry stuff in my pockets, but most of my pants pockets are too shallow to hold my phone without it falling out and otherwise it just looks bulky, not a look that most women strive for LOL.

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Looks like @downtide has a very big purse…;-)

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Bigger pockets.

The only things I take with me as a matter of course is keys, phone, wallet, loose change, cigarettes and lighter. Everything fits in pockets. My glasses are on my face and my hair is a quarter-inch long so I don’t need a comb.

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I’m not a man, and I don’t carry a purse. I wear a waist pack with my keys, a few credit cards, a couple of $20’s, some tissues, and a fingernail clipper. My cell phone clips on the waist band.

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@Kardamom That’s good to hear ^_^

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There are usually women around to bum things like gum, lotion, etc. off of…

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Don’t need it, my hair is fine.
It’s already on my face
Hand sanitizer
I don’t use that
I don’t fap in public. Not only is it illegal, but it’s kinda gross.
I carry it in the pockets of my jeans.
Again, pockets.
I don’t use a checkbook
Cell phone
Again, pockets
It’s in my backpack
Again, backpack

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@MilkyWay If a girl stuffs everything in her pockets, will she be seen as abnormal? Most cool, or sexy attire for gals do not have pockets, or the pockets are ornamental at best, ;-)

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A real girl can fit anything in a pocket, from a small pen, to a rocket propelled grenade lancher.

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@ragingloli That’s what I’m talking bout ;)
@Hypocrisy_Central Hey, I wear jeans most of the time. Aren’t they cool?

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Sigh…. It’s a European shoulder bag.

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@MilkyWay @Hypocrisy_Central Hey, I wear jeans most of the time. Aren’t they cool? Jeans are cool if “painted-on” skinny jeans; Daisy Dukes and booty shorts are better; micro minis, WINNER, WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!

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I am a woman;
Brush – a small one
Glasses – sunglasses
Hand sanitizer – never
Lotion – never
Gum – never
Candy- never
Checkbook – never (one blank check in wallet)
Cell phone – somewhere. I almost never use it and forget to charge it most of the time
Water – never

However I do have:

Extra batteries for hearing aid
Case for charge cards and medical insurance cards with a spare $20 tucked inside
antibiotic ointment
saline nasal spray
nail file
eyebrow tweezers and magnifying mirror (for red lights)
dental floss (for red lights)
chap stick (two and one in the cup holder in my car. Vital)

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As stated, that was just a partial list of items that most women might carry in their purse. Most women carry purses and I assume they are carrying so-called necessities. Men don’t.

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Maybe because they don’t feel the need to carry so much useless junk?

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I took a look at what I am carrying right now.
Right rear pocket – Wallet
Left rear pocket – Empty
Right front pocket – three single keys (don’t ask), one 8gb flash drive
Left front pocket – approx. $1 in change, swiss army knife, 1 self-tapping screw for door hinge.
On belt, key chain, cell phone.
Shirt pocket – mechanical pencil, reading glasses.
Maybe I could use a purse.


We’re so used to seeing women carrying purses, that it looks just too “feminine” to carry one. That’s why men don’t carry purses.

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Only reason my mother carried a purse was to hold her 4” cast iron skillet. She whacked a guy in East St Louis once with it while she was a student nurse.

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Men have a lot of pockets, but the guys who have realized the need for more carrying space either carry a brief case or a back pack. Women often want a smooth, unbumpy silhouette (except where there are natural bumps) and disdain bulging pockets. We should have all been born marsupials. Problem solved.

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I carry a back pack, usually doesn’t have that much in it but I like having it in case I stop at the grocery store or whatever. When my husband and I go out together, he carries the back pack and both of our necessities go in it.

No worries mate!

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@westriverrat Awesome! Like a three stooges fight.

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This makes me think of this blog: Everyday Carry

These (mostly) guys try to carry around a bunch of survivalist gear. I’m guessing some of them haul around messenger bags or murses, or just have really heavy pants all the time.

I had never before heard of storage vests/jackets. Hardcore.

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Because men’s clothing is more functional. Men’s shirts and pants have lots of roomy pockets (especially cargo pants).

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@lonelydragon – so true and in most cases fashionistas have not convinced them that they must wear their clothing so skin tight that nothing would fit in the pockets as they have with women.

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