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What do you look for in shoes?

Asked by wildflower (11152points) May 15th, 2008

Even if I’m looking for a pair to match a specific outfit,I often find myself buying shoes that stand out, are unusual in colour, fabric and/or shape and frequently end up with a pair that can only be worn with simple clothes that show off the shoes…..

How do you seek out the shoes you buy? Colour, fabric, shape, style….?

I realise this question may seem to be aimed at the ladies, but I’d be curious to hear from the gents too

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I tend to go for style and height. I love heels and wedges.

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This is my most recent example of side-tracked shoe-shopping. I was after a pair of black flats….

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Simplicity and durability. Usually a single dark color. I skateboard and a normal pair of shoes will be dead in a week. Chuck Taylors in a day.

These are what I have now.

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I think it’s going to be pretty casual at my new job so I’ll be looking for comfort and style. I just got a nice pair of chuck taylor premier’s that are pretty awesome.

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comfort. which for me means naot shoes.

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Pretty much what JP said. I like a plain shoe. No designs or anything just a solid color. They also look for comfort and durability which always leads me to wearing skate shoes even though i dont skate anymore. They are really the only shoes that feel comfortable with my wide feet. These are my current shoes, except without the lines down the side.

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@uberbatman – my feet are also wide…try the naot link I posted…I have yet to find nice looking shoes for me that are better than these!

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These are my other shoes. Talk about comfortable mannnnn. Its like walking around barefoot all day.

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I live on the beach in the summer, so shoeless is the way to go!

I’m always playing sports and running, so comfort and breathability are key. Color isnt too important, as long as its not
anything too crazy.

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Definitely comfort but style is important,too. Kinda for both!!

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Color, I love color! I like shoes that are different, but I have a number of the basics too. The most important thing I look for in a shoe is how it makes me feel. Not physically, like if it hurts my foot even though that is an important consideration. If a shoe makes me feel like a million dollars or simply fabulous then that’s the one that I buy.

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So it’s not just me :)
Irregular Choice rarely fail to provide that feeling.

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There’s something magical about ‘foot liberation’ alright :)

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I wish I could skate… Busted my ass too many times to count. At least I can keep my balance on my longboard.

That said, function is still more important than look, to me. Even just riding a longboard destroys the soles, non skaters can’t even imagine what doing tricks on a regular board does to the rest. I like shoes that I can run in, yet are still very durable.

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Scorpions. Seriously.

”[Scorpions] may be found in washrooms, kitchens, or bathrooms where water is available and in the daytime hide in closets, shoes, folded blankets, etc.”

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Oh, and from a personal choice perspective, including many of the aformentioned valid and insightful points, I would like to add breathability.

Nothing irks me more about a pair of shoes than if they make my feet hot. For that reason, when buying a hiking boot, I tend towards those with Gore-Tex for waterproofness and breathability… but with no thermal insulation at all.

Clarks are pretty hit and miss for me in terms of breathability. But otherwise, quite excellent for dress down.

Rocket Dog has been pretty cool for casual.

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I’m a flip-flop kind of girl. I really like my Rainbows and I even have a tan line from wearing them so often.

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Barefoot whenever possible, (I had to wear shoes and a brace to bed when I was a child) but if I HAVE to wear shoes, I wear Skechers. They are well made,(designed by a skateboarder) and if when you try them on are comfortable, stay that way and need no breaking in period. Ironically the headquarters are in the same town that I had to sleep in those awful hard shoes and brace.

I express myself in my socks rather than shoes, it’s subtle and my friends know that and have sent me all sorts of fun socks. I love showing them to the little kids in the neighborhood and watching their reaction.

My goal this summer is to find a pair a la delirium to make it faster through those awful airport checkpoints.

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I second barefoot!
Comfort, and the ability to match a smattering of different outfits.
I actually have trouble with heels; and I’m annoyed that there are a decreasing number of good looking females shoes that are flat around here.

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I like shoes that slip on and are comfortable. Summer time is mostly flops.

My son is a skateboarder and he goes through shoes like only other skaters can understand…......and shoe laces even faster.

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@wildflower – thank you for that site, I love it! :)

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It’s not that easy to find that perfect shoes. There are so many factors that go into finding shoes color, style, fit, heel size, just to name a few. If you’re a woman with very large feet, the challenge becomes 10-fold.

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very very soft ‘n’ comfy leather

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First i look at style, then comfort. If there stylish but not comfortable then i dont get them.

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Ones that can fit and ones that I wouldn’t mind wearing.

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Toothpaste… this one time my brother and I got into this turf war and… oh .. I’m way off on the answer.

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Fashionable to ME yet comfortable. I am a teenager so most places i go is to the movies, School, mall, parties, and just out! So i look for something Unique yet nice. I love
UGGS and
Those are nice to wear with a tee and jeans. I love them. I go everywhere with them except parties. But they must absolutely be cute! And in summer Color Flip Flops!

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