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Have you ever thrown a food tantrum during the holidays, gotten all excited for a favorite dish until it hits the table in some bastardized form?

Asked by Neizvestnaya (22622points) November 22nd, 2011

I did

Is there a way you expect and look forward to typical holiday sides like mashed potatoes, bread stuffing, cranberry sauce, pie, etc?

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My Aunt made the stuffing last year… I was so excited, it’s my favorite (besides the turkey and gravy of course) and she totally botched it. So salty I had to restrain myself not to dump my drink all over my face in front of the entire family. Yep. I know how you feel.

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Yes. Crustless pumpkin pie? Seriously? grrr

We are making a potato casserole made with hash browns. No mashed potatoes at our house. I’ll make my apology now. ;)

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I’m the cook, so all I do is cry when part of the beautiful meal comes out wrong.

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No turkey at our house. There will be duck with sauerkraut stuffing and roast kangaroo this year.
I am cooking, so unless I screw up I won’t be upset.

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@WestRiverrat- Roast kangaroo…how does that taste?

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The first one I went to that was not cooked by my mom. I didn’t throw a tantrum, but I was pretty grumpy. It was a physical presentation of how far away my parents were, and i missed them.

And the year I went to my sister’s mother-in-law’s house. They were Jewish refugees from Egypt; the menu was completely at odds with what I expected at Thanksgiving. That was a pretty hard year too.

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I LOVE when people put a saltshaker on the table and let people douse their own plates of food. Nothing’s worse than food that smells good but can’t be eaten without pain or sweating.

I’m thinking of sneaking sides onto the table I make on my day off and hide in the frig. I want pie dammit and notcrustless pumpkin triffle- what’s triffle?!

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I do not like marshmallows on mashed yams….yuck!
I like my yams baked and very lightly sweetened, very lightly, with butter.

I also like green bean casserole which is often a hated item.
I like EVERYTHING and am not fussy, just don’t serve me smashed yams with marshmallows baked on top. lol

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Having nothing to eat but perogies during Christmas kinda pissed me off.

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@Neizvestnaya “I did”

Pictures… or it didn’t happen.

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@babybadger I will tell you next week when I am back from the parents.

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I will also throw a tantrum if you serve me cranberry sauce from a can.

Talk about lazy.~

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It wasn’t the Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners that upset us, it was the ever present “Ham Salad” that my mother in law used to make for sandwiches during a family get together. It gave me acute indigestion, and all the rest of us “kids” hated it as well. We called it “Heart Attack Pate” I finally blurted out that I hated it during one of those horrible meals because there was nothing else for me to eat. She hasn’t served it since, thank God.

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Cranberry sauce from a can is super-gross.

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Coloma Maybe you would like your Yams or Sweet Potatoes cooked the way I do. It may sound a little wierd if you are used to the whole brown sugar fetish thing, lol. My recipe (not original but adopted) is Baked Sweet Pottatoes with Carmelized Onions and Shaved Parmesan. It is so good. If you don’t like or want sticky sweetness it’s good. After all, they are called Sweet Potatoes, they are sweet enough without more sugar aren’t they? I didn’t even remember I got it from Martha.

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I prefer sweet potatoes in a pie.

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@jonsblond: I like my cranberry, the whole cranberries kind… from the can. My mom likes to make from scratch kind that just isn’t the same. Go figure.

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Not a thanksgiving dish per se, but one of my favorite aunts makes potato salad with Cool Whip. I’m thinking Cool Whip, seriously?

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I know! When the dressing hits the table, and instead of that perfect sage smell, you realize it’s your wifes mothers cornbread dressing recipe, the holiday is ruined!

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It makes me cry sometimes… Or when the “new and improved” recipe is dogvomit compared to the “what you actually wanted” recipe. Like so many problems this one wouldn’t exist without capitalism. Capitalism, if you buy the rights to something you can prevent other people from making it. HULK SMASH!

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@filmfann: I drool thinking of sourdough bread stuffing with lots of sage. Cornbread fluffed mush is not stuffing. arrrrrgh.

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I get upset every time someone makes green bean casserole with frozen green beans and milk. Yuck.

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It’s never happened, but if I attended a Thanksgiving that didn’t have canned cranberry sauce I would probably become nauseous out of sadness and then cry for a while over my loss.

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@Earthgirl Sounds intriguing!
@Blackberry & @jonsblond I agree, you should try my home made cranberry-apple relish. Chunks of fresh apples with the berries, to die for! :-D
@WillWorkForChocolate Oh gross. Frozen green beans are nasty! :-p

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Pssst…I just broke into one of the pecan pies..couldn’t resist. Hide the bathroom scale til Jan. 5th LOL

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Never a public tantrum, but inside my head, yes. I hate when people say, “Oh, I’ll bring the stuffing” and it turns out to be some nasty granola-ish thing. Or, “I’ll bring the cranberries”, and it’s whole cranberry relish (sorry, folks… I LOVE jellied cranberry sauce from a can!). Lesson learned from these experiences: Make what you want. If anyone wants to bring something, it’ll be in addition to what we’re already serving.

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Moving to another country really botches your food expectations. Every year, I want to make something from my traditions at Christmas time, but I’ve been told my help and food is not wanted. So, I’m stuck fighting every year to get a few veggies on the table, because this culture’s idea of a side dish for a greasy, fatty meat main dish is more greasy, fatty meat.

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@augustlan: Yes, it was a tantrum in the head :)

We’ve solved the issue by degrees, my hubby is off work today and so is doing the secret shopping and exchange of ingredients already in bowls in the refrigerator. I get off work before my mom does and so can cook up the pie and stuffing with the new ingredients before she gets home. It doubtful tomorrow she will notice but we sure will, yum! yum! I feel a touch insidious but…

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@Neizvestnaya Sneaky! I like it. :D

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My husband reminded me that his mother is rediculously proud of the fact that she has figured out how to make all 4 pumpkin pies with one can of pumpkin and the same amount of sugar. It doesn’t taste right, and isn’t sweet at all. It’s awful.

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