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How do I give out a link to my facebook profile?

Asked by zzztimbo (61points) June 25th, 2007

Can someone tell me what a link to a facebook profile looks like? Is it of the format:

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Facebook has a new 'Public Profile' or 'Public Listing' feature, and although I don't know how to enable it on your profile, or how to build the resulting URL, it is possible - just look at this google search:

See if a google search for 'facebook your name' or 'facebook public listing your name', replacing 'your name' with your actual real name, turns up anything...

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You've got the right syntax in your original question, but what is displayed to non-Facebook users may be limited.

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a facebook public listing looks this

or you could have a totally public profile like myspace that doesnt even require users to sign in like this one

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How do find out what my public url is?

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google " your name"

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Nope, Googling my name doesn't yield much.

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After you're logged in, hit this page in Facebook (Privacy settings for search):

Make sure "allow anyone to see my private listing" is checked, and your settings are saved. Next to that checkbox there's a link that says "view my public listing". That's the link you send out.

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you can go to link after logging in to the facebook account. Then you will get a chance to make your Facebook profile link.

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Log on to click on the username then you will have your profile link displayed on the address toolbar.

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When you logged in to your account click the “Account” beside the “Profile” on the upper right corner. Then search for account setting. Then click it after that you will see your account settings. Search for “username” then click change… then type your decide name for your account. Hope this helps.

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