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Should I drive through Chicago to get to Crystal Lake IL?

Asked by mowens (8350points) November 23rd, 2011

My family is meeting at my Aunt’s this year, in Crystal Lake IL. I am leaving from Columbus, Ohio at around noon eastern standard time. Google, takes me through Chicago, not around. Is this wise?

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If it’s sending you up I-90, I’d avoid it like the plague. That goes toward O’Hare, and this afternoon that will be jammed with people leaving for the holiday.

You’d be better off staying on I-80 till you’re past Chicago, then connecting with I-355 to head north to I- 290. That swings you out west of O’Hare and, according to Mapquest, doesn’t add any time to the trip. Here’s the route.

Have a great trip!

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Alternatively, if you want to see Chicago on your way, it’s a great view driving through. I always choose to drive through the big cities as it mixes up my otherwise dull drives. Up to you, but as @thorninmud said, have fun!

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I am all for scenery, however, the last time I went to Chicago for a vacation, it took me 2 hours to go 10 miles. :)

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This other set of directions I got from yahoo maps, takes me on i90 for 2.1 miles, and cuts another hour off of my trip. What are your thoughts? Could the estimations just be that far off? It doesnt even touch 355.

1. Start out heading WEST on I-270 W. Drive for 12.8 miles.
2. Take exit number 8 on your RIGHT towards I-70 / COLUMBUS /
INDIANAPOLIS. Drive for 0.2 miles.
3. Keep SLIGHT RIGHT at the fork towards I-70 W towards
INDIANAPOLIS. Drive for 158.2 miles.
4. Take exit number 90 on your RIGHT towards I-465 S / I-465 N.
Drive for 0.2 miles.
5. Keep SLIGHT RIGHT at the fork towards I-465 N towards I-465 N /
US-31 N. Drive for 18.4 miles.
6. I-465 N becomes I-865 W. Drive for 4.8 miles.
7. Go STRAIGHT on I-65 N. Drive for 129.1 miles.
8. Take exit number 259A on your RIGHT to get on I-80 W towards
I-80 W / I-94 W / US-6 W / CHICAGO. Drive for 19.2 miles.
9. Keep SLIGHT LEFT at the fork towards I-294 N. Drive for 25.7
10. Take exit on your RIGHT towards I-290 W / I-290 E / EISENHOWER
EXPY / ROCKFORD / US-20 / IL-64 / CHICAGO. Drive for 0.2 miles.
11. Keep SLIGHT LEFT at the fork towards ramp towards I-290 W /
ROCKFORD / US-20 / IL-64. Drive for 0.8 miles.
12. Keep SLIGHT RIGHT at the fork towards I-290 W towards
ROCKFORD / IL-64 / US-20. Drive for 14.7 miles.
13. Take exit on your RIGHT towards IL-53-LOCAL N / IL-62 /
ALGONQUIN RD / I-90. Drive for 0.5 miles.
14. Keep SLIGHT LEFT at the fork towards ramp. Drive for 0.3 miles.
15. Keep SLIGHT RIGHT at the fork towards ramp towards I-90 W /
ROCKFORD. Drive for 0.4 miles.
16. Keep SLIGHT LEFT at the fork towards I-90 W. Drive for 2.1 miles.
17. Take exit on your RIGHT towards ROSELLE RD. Drive for 0.4 miles.
18. Turn RIGHT onto N ROSELLE ROAD towards PALATINE. Drive for 1
19. Turn LEFT onto W ALGONQUIN ROAD. Drive for 13.4 miles.
20. Turn RIGHT onto PYOTT ROAD. Drive for 2.9 miles.
21.PYOTT ROAD becomes S MAIN STREET. Drive for 1.8 miles.
22. Turn LEFT onto E WOODSTOCK STREET. Drive for 0.4 miles.
23. Turn RIGHT onto W MUNICIPAL COMPLEX. Drive for a short
24.You have reached Crystal Lake, Illinois

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Crystal Lake?! Man isn’t that where Jason’s at? XD

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Weird. I found this again… right when I am driving to Chicago again!

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