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Do you have an odd or unique item that you collect?

Asked by Jude (32098points) November 23rd, 2011

I love vintage tiki mugs. Like this crap. Only vintage.

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Buttons. I have buttons that are a hundred years old.

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I have a collection of boxes (small). Also, I collect armadillos.

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Hedgehogs. They were way easier to find in Europe, for some reason.

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I collect hairs. Each time I meet someone, I plug one of their hair and put it in a transparent bag. I have collected almost 93 wire of hair!!! Sometimes if they stink, i wash them with my favorite shampoo. I think it’s worth it.

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souvineer thimbles haha

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I have several collections, but probably the “oddest” is a collection of tin roosters and chickens. Some are vintage, some are artsy; and as a group, they’re really something to crow about ;-)

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These are cheesy, but, I want them.

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Without intending to, I have collected birds: ceramic; glass; wood; other materials. I do enjoy birds, but I don’t like collecting things. I picked them up in my travels, not thinking of a collection at all. Then there it was.

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Anything Apple has ever made. I have the original Macintosh in the original box with all the manuals. And pretty much everything after that. It is all sitting in a storage unit in Portland. Thank god for ebay.

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I would like to say I collect salt and pepper shakers, but I have yet to start doing so. Every time I find a really cool set I give them away as birthday presents and stuff…to people who could care less about how unique they are. I gotta stop doing that.

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I have collected rabbits for years. Now I am interested in Land O’Lakes butter-related memorabilia . . . long story . . .

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Vultures, Buzzards and Condors…

Airships, Zeppelins.

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I’m listening @Kayak8!

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Old doorknobs
Sterling silver thimbles
Old books
Vintage Little Golden books
Vintage travel cases
Small houses

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Antique ladies hats and hat boxes. Coins. Old books and any kind of cobalt blue depression glass.

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“cobalt blue depression glass.”

You and my lady have something in common. :)

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My sister collects blue depression glass too!

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I also collect old cobalt glass. Not just dishes, but old medicine and Noxema and Vicks’s jars. I have them stacked in the windows.

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I collect owl figures/sculptures. I look for the more unique or unusual figures, I don’t collect “pretty” figures – I look for owl figures that have character. I have been collecting them for over 15 years. I have owl figures from several countries. Owls have represented wisdom from as far back as we have recorded history & I think that my collecting them represents my inner search for wisdom & knowledge.

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I have a collection of European toilet paper from the early seventies. You can’t find that stuff any more, so doubt if anyone else has a collection like it.


Men’s dress shoes——slip-ons, tie-ons, you name it.

Bonsai trees.

Vintage Chinese girl posters, like these——

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Vintage post-mortem photos, offbeat antique books, creepy African ethnographic art (I have a death mask and pee pot front Zaire, for example), rare Pez dispensers, Teddy Roosevelt memorabilia, military hats and helmets (as a specific subset of my larger militaria collection that includes guns, bayonets, swords, uniforms, books, and photos), vintage cameras (especially toy cameras)... Oh and I have a few gas masks and some Einstein memorabilia, including a mug shaped like his head front the 70s.

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@MRSHINYSHOES They all have the same face! That is creepy. I know all Chinese do not look the same.

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I like asian/ east indian culture and decor.
I have an authentic temple gong forged out of black brass and teakwood that is my pride and joy, it stands about 4 feet tall with carved monks squatting on top and a huge drum with a large brass nipple that needs to be hand warmed for that perfect BRUUUUUUNG! I give all the farm animals a morning vibratory healing session with the gong and my tibetian prayer bowls. lol

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I like to collect any kind of metal boxes with lids. Better if they are old. I feel they my be useful someday.


@woodcutter I suppose I’m more discerning than you are, because if you look very closely, each girl doesn’t have the same face. My fav is the middle one seated. lol

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Love that poster! I want to be a china girl. lol

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I love the appearance of the woman on the right sitting on the arm of the sofa with the gold dress. Her face looks like she is daydreaming and she’s far away. They are beautiful. Look closer, @woodcutter. They are very different. Even different eyebrows.

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I like the girl in red standing, she has a mischievious and playful look. ;-)

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I like the same one as bk.

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I like the one sitting in the pink dress.

I also collect antique cosmetic containers
and wooden walking canes.

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@MRSHINYSHOES I made that one my desktop.For now. The expressions of them all are close to the same that they may be all sisters except they seem to be about the same age or that was one bear of a pregnancy for Mom

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It’s my desktop, as well.

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Art glass perfume bottles and I just got my first marionette. I am going to collect them. I have always loved them since I was a child. I can’t have it back until Christmas but I am pretty sure it is this one

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I collect odd mugs… my last one is a wookie

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Hey @Linda_Owl! Weren’t you on Speaking of owls…My Mom used to give us girls animal motif things based on what our favorite animal was. Or what she thought it was! For years as I was growing up, Mom would give me owl stuff. Finally, when I was about 16 I asked her why she always gave me owl things. She said, “Because you like owls!”
I said, “Well…um…I don’t hate them or anything, but…”
She said, “Owls aren’t your favorite animal????”
I said, “Um, no.”
She said, “What is???”
I said, “Cats.”

Funny now, though…ever since we had owls move into our back yard my husband is into all things owls!!

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For years, I collected sand from various beaches around the world. They were stored in glass spice jars with the location labeled on the bottom. It was beautiful…pink, coarse sand from Bermuda, red and black lava enlaced sand from Hawaii beaches, amongst others.. It all was pitched in a dumpster one day preceeding a long move to another state.

There have been other collections, but nothing as interesting as the sand. The SO is a collector as well. We are doomed. Expect to see us on an episode of “Hoarders” in the distant future.

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@Pied_Pfeffer give me your address and I’ll send you some red sand from Oklahoma! OK. It’s really dust but hey…just a finer version of sand!

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Hello @Dutchess_III , yes I was on & I still miss it. I didn’t make an active decision to start collecting owls, it was a gradual thing that became important to me & I realized that it had become an outward manifestation of an inner search. I have developed a great deal of respect for the raptors that owls are & an appreciation for their abilities.

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Also, antique medical equipment. :)

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Have you seen the pictures of the owls that landed in our back yard two summers ago…and came back again last summer?! : )

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Shot glasses. My favorite one is from Tombstone. It is very thick glass, with a round bottom and a squarish top. The inside is separate from the outside. I mean, they are molded together, of course, but the inside is smaller. Hard to explain. I also have a 6-shooter shot glass from Tombstone. Really cool.

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