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Why does the sun make me sneeze?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) November 24th, 2011

Ever since I can remember, the sun makes me sneeze. I just really noticed this today, since the sun is shining so brightly in Tennessee. I walked out into the sunshine and instantly began sneezing about 7 times. Then, my sinuses began to run and well. the rest in downhill. Question: am I alone in this oddball situation or does the sun make other people sneeze and why?

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You’re not alone. This happens to me too. Here’s an article on it:

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Thanks Mariah. You okay?

Your suggested article states its a Solar Sneeze.

Duh, I figured that out myself.

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That always happens to me, too. Sometimes manmade lights can do it, too. Sneezing sucks lol. Reading the Wiki article about it right now.

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This is a big issue for the military. The Air Force has a concern about fighter pilots suddenly facing the sun and being blinded by the ensuing sneeze. There are talks of disqualifying anyone with this conditions from being a pilot . There are also talks of developing a photoactive visor to counteract this.

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I’m glad you asked this, because I’ve always wondered about why I sneeze when it’s very sunny but for some reason never thought to look it up.

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I’m with you.

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I thought it was the Ohio Valley beans….KY has very high allergy index. Rain and cold washes away pollens. So you would feel it more on sunny days.

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