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Sports Fans: Why in the world would anyone settle for a draw?

Asked by whitetigress (3129points) November 24th, 2011

I’m referring to soccer (futbol). I totally hate the fact that games can end in a draw. What are the pros and cons? How do draws pan out in a positive or negative manner towards a team? Can someone please explain to me how they respect a draw in a soccer match? Also, how does it help out the playoff system in soccer. I’m really trying to get into soccer and understand it. The rest of the world stands behind it, I’m just trying to understand how it all works.

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That’s a good question. I wouldn’t allow it. And furthermore, how about having the clock count down instead of up? No one has ever given me a satisfactory answer as to why soccer does this.

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It’s a good question, but i’ve been in that situation before. Lacrosse game, 3–3. We were tired and so were the coaches and there was no way for a fifth quarter. And @AstroChuck , waddya mean “the clock count down”? I thought they always did. In lacrosse it does. Hmmm!

But, if I were a ref, I wouldn’t allow it. There has to be a winner of a game, even though nothing is about winning. I’m a very competitive athelete, and I take sports seriously.

But that MY opinion.

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So that it accurately reflects the fact that sometimes teams are evenly matched.

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That’s just it, they don’t! Few teams “settle” for a draw it’s just the lesser of two evils, particularly if it’s the home team much fancied to win the game.
Twenty some years ago in the UK, football teams would gain two points for a win, the lack of incentive for some negative sides was all too apparent. In the closing stages of a game being drawn, they would deploy negative tactics, citing that only one more point gained was not enough risk/reward.
Since the introduction of three points for a win teams are more motivated to play attacking football & the majority of games are therefore entertaining right up to the final whistle.
I could go on for days with this stuff…..but I won’t.
Oh & as for the clock counting down, it just does see, so there!!

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Up, I meant to say counting up….silly bugger.

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Nobody “settles” for a draw.
In knockout competition a draw will just not do and the game will go on to extra time. If a draw is still the result after this extra time it will go down to a penalty shootout.
In the English Premiership a game win gains a team three points and a draw only one, so the incentive is there to push for the extra two points.

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