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Where do you find an unexpected ratio of hotties/notties?

Asked by 6rant6 (13692points) November 25th, 2011

Years ago, I had occasion to spend time in Brentwood (an upscalish part of L.A.) and I was continually astonished by the number of beauties going in and out of DRY CLEANERS.

Is there any place that you’ve noticed has a proportion of people you are attracted to far beyond what you’d expect from the nature of the place?

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In the peppers section at the supermarket.

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Australia. All of it.

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College towns?

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A Beatles convention. Wall to wall Paul!

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Manhattan. Lots of pretty people (at least, as compared to North Carolina).

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Southern California, L.A., San Diego, is the narcissism capitol of the planet.

Looking nice is nice, but, when it becomes an obsession it takes on unhealthy and grossly narcissistic proportions.

These are the people that end up in suicidal depressions when their bloom starts to fade, they have relied so heavily on their physical being to open doors, relationships, opportunities that once that fades, and it will, minus all cosmetic “enhancement” available, they are left with their true selves, which are often non-existent.

At 52 now I have seen it happen, time and again, and it is tragic.

Middle aged men and women obsessed with their bodies and faces on a ceaseless pursuit to defy the aging process and retain their fragile self esteems.
The gross obsession with looks is part of the collective narcissism that renders deeply disturbed people that lack any true sense of self.

One develops from the inside out, not the other way around.

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Fluther. ;)

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@coloma so… you’ve never been to Miami.

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I would imagine I’d find a few hotties at an Alan Rickman look alike contest!

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@Kardamom I’m going to go see him in a play.

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@janbb OMG! You lucky penguin! Where? What? When?

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Probably Scandinavia. Not only they’ll be hot, but they’re probably well mannered as well.

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Women here take ‘presentation’ to lengths that most NA/EU women would balk at.

On the other hand, it’s a lot easier, in my experience to have a conversation about things that, to me at least, matter with people from a similar background.

Basically, define “hotty” and “notty”, please.

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The library in Uni. Beautiful faces everywhere :-)

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The Netherlands. I visited Rotterdam a few years ago and was amazed by how good-looking everyone was.

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On the beauty counters in large department stores. You expect a lot of good looking people but what you get is covered in so much slap they look like barbie dolls.

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@6rant6 Dude, in my head. Or the nearest Starbucks.

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In all towns and cities other than your own.

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@mazingerz88 Yeah, I find Starbucks carries a lot of the not-exaclty-my-type-but-still hotties. Sometimes the 99 cent store, too.

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You’ve never been to my high school. My friends and I keep joking that we’re going to start a save the nerds project so that this almost extinct species can return to its natural habitat.

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@6rant6 I’m headed out the door right this minute to go to the 99 Cent store. I guess I’ll pay a little more attention : )

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Bookstores and libraries. Reading is fundamental. And sexy.

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@laureth. Uh, not the same crowds at the two. Like people at pet stores and people at the butchers. True, they both love animals…

But, yeah, at the bookstores!

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All of Canada. ;)

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My university. My freshman year, my female friends and I would just roam campus during the warmer months to watch the hotties. Most of them may have been preppy douches, but, damn, did they ever take care of themselves.

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This new place I work at.

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At a Miss Universe competition you’ll always find a few beauties.

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The kind of enduring beauty that mature men appreciate can be found anywhere women go to enrich their minds and broaden their experience. True beauty is not determined by the size of breasts or how much they are exposed. An interesting, intelligent woman with a good sense of humour is much more sexy than an empty-headed bimbo with her humongous boobs hanging out of her dress.


I agree with @the100thmonkey about Japan. Women there treat beauty and beautifying as high art.

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@Dr_Lawrence Wonderful answer. __Nothing to do with this qustion of course, but still.__

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in LA all the beauties are talentless fakes and looking for fame.

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@Earthflag and then there are places where everyone makes sweeping generalizations.

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@6rant6 Sorry, I guess the correction would be “most” not “all”. The reason why people see beauties in LA, is obviously because of the lifestyle there and the pressure girls feel to be a celebrity-like.

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@Earthflag LA is a very, very diverse place. And it has very diverse people. There are tens of thousands of college students, many who were born there and, like college kids everywhere, tend to have a disproportionate tally of 10’s.

There are the surfer kids on the beaches. There are distance athletes and tennis players.

Yes, there are models and would be stars, but there are also actors, and artists, and dancers. There are people who have just arrived in the US from all points of the world. There are Latinos and Vietnamese and Iraqis who aren’t there to be part of the beautiful people but because it’s home. And some of them are beautiful.

Plus, they all go to dry cleaners in Brentwood.

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Christian youth groups. They have some fine ladies, made all the finer by being completely and totally off-limits. Yum. ;D

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@6rant6 That just reminded me, there are lots of cute Asian guys in Westminster, Ca : ) Sometimes me and my best friend cruise the malls and grocery stores just to gaze upon these beautiful men.

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@6rant6 I was referring to places such as bookstores, libraries, concert halls, and other such places. I offered a more relevant definition (IMHO) of hotties.

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MontrĂ©al has a bit of a stigma…full of death and criminals, and oh boy, don’t step foot out at night.

But really, it’s just full of hot and beautiful people everywhere.

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@Dr_Lawrence Relevant to whom? Obviously not the OP. Nor for the folks cruising the malls.

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@Symbeline Must be that Darwinian selection thing going on.

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I think it’s more that the city is so huge, that you automatically get every kind of person there is.

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I’m thinking that the city of Liverpool, England might be a good place. At least 4 hotties came out of that town! Or maybe Manchester. Davy Jones came out of that town. Or maybe London. Alan Rickman and Charles Shaughnessy came from that town.

So I guess I’ll just say Britain!!!

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