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How do I find a reputable on-line pharmacy?

Asked by syz (35552points) November 25th, 2011

Our insurance program has changed, and my prescription costs have gone way up (from $30/month to $186/month for one drug). I’ve always heard about (Canadian?) on-line pharmacies, but how do you determine if they are reputable? Is it legal? How does it work? Is it worth it? What should I watch out for?

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I’m not shooting that way of thinking down, but have you checked wal-marts online health service? Not only can you order online, they offer health insurance too. The health insurance isn’t Wal-mart per se, but it’s a low cost. I;m not saying that the service is 5 stars, it’s actually 3 stars, but you pay $4 to get a 30 day refill and around $10 to $17 a month for health care (Humana). I can only speak on my side of the bad health track (Diabetes II and Heart disease) but if you know anything better than that than feel free to share, you might help me out too :)

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There’s some links for you to look at. About 8 months ago Metlife offered me full coverage health care with a $5 co-pay and up to $400K hospital limit for $80 a month (Plus unlimited Snoopy stickers). The only reason I didn’t get it was because I was still in the military.

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Getting stuff in the US from Canadian pharmacies is technically not legal – but, it’s also questionable if anyone will stop you.
Does your insurance maybe have a mail-order pharmacy option?

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Kroger also has many $4 drugs, cheaper than me using my rx benefits.

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I use Medco as online prescription part of my insurance program and like them.

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