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Who sounds like Sara Bareilles but doesn't sing about complete rubbish?

Asked by ellie (1points) May 15th, 2008 from iPhone

I love her voice and the type of music, but the things she sings about are completely manufactured turd. Who should I be listening to instead?

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are you looking for just female singers? or male as well?

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Never heard of this Bareilles before but I took a quick listen and I see what you mean – this was cranked out factory style.

I always refer people who want to check out a great female singer with substance to Sarah McLachlan. In particular I recommend one of her earlier recordings “Fumbling Towards Ecstasy”.

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Sandi Thom , Kate Nash , I second Sarah McLachlan, Rilo Kiley .. Let me know if any of those were what you were looking for.

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it’s not ‘manufactured’ considering her songs are written and composed by HER, and no one else. No one sounds like her, she’s unique. Your an idiot.

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a bunch of other chicks :)

this is a big list, and some of them might not have the lyrics u dreamed of :), but there are lots of choises.

enjoy :)

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