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What should I do about this blood blister?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5864points) November 26th, 2011

There is a blood blister on my bottom lip. I think I got it from eating something hot or drinking coffee.Or, from what I think, biting my lip in the middle of the night. But when I woke up, it freaked me out completley.

It’s a dark red, grain of rice sized blob on my bottom lip, but it doesnt hurt. I brushed my teeth to see if it would come off, but it didn’t. I looked all over the internet, and found some answers but nothing really helped.

The questions I’m trying to ask are:

What the heck is it?
What should I do to treat it? Should I just leave it alone?
Should I be worried?

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Leave it alone. The cells lining your mouth and tongue are replaced twice as fast as most of those in the rest of your body – it’ll be gone soon.

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@syz Can I eat anything though? I’m scared to eat anything.

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Sure you can.

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You need to leave it alone. it will go away on its own.

Opening it up will make it worse, and it will take longer to clear up.

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You might want to avoid spicy, or high acid foods like citrus and vinegar. They might irritate it a bit. Does it hurt at all?

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@Judi No, it doesn’t hurt. But it’s just worrying me.

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If it’s not gone or almost gone in a week, or if it gets worse instead of better, I would get it checked out, but it should start healing and I would guess be almost gone by Monday. You’re young. Your cells regenerate fast. :-)

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They just look scary. The skin should form a safe cover. You can eat and use your lip normally unless you paly a wind instrument, which might bother it.

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What they all said.

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Blood blisters are Mostly Harmless. If you can manage to keep from shutting your lip in cupboard doors for a few days, it ought to go away. :D
Blood blisters on regular skin you might want to cover with a bandage, to help keep direct pressure off.

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Go to a foot doctor.

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