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Why can't I hear anything in Logic Pro?

Asked by Jaltcoh (279points) November 26th, 2011

I just installed Logic Studio 9. I have about 10 Logic projects that I created with a previous version of Logic. I can’t get any of them to play back sound.

Troubleshooting steps I’ve done so far: My MacBook is able to play all other sound. I’ve checked the “mute” and “solo” buttons, and none of them are selected (or flashing). I’ve tried turning on and off the “S” button in the transport bar. The volume meter does display a high volume during playback. The volumes in Logic (master volume and track automation) are turned up. I’ve searched in Help and on Google and haven’t found anyone addressing this. I’ve tried playing several different projects. I’ve repeatedly restarted the application, and I restarted my MacBook.

Details in case they’re useful: I’m using Logic 9.1.1 with Mac OS 10.6.8. There are audio and MIDI tracks, as well as imported sound files (AIFF).

Any suggestions?

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1.) Utilities/AudioMIDI setup

2.) in Logic, Logic Pro/Preferences/Audio and make sure you’re using the correct driver (core audio in most cases), and that your sound card is selected in the input and output pull-down menus;

3.) in each channel strip make sure the I/O paths are set to the correct outputs. If you used a different set-up or computer it may not be set properly.

4.) Option-click on the solo and mute buttons for all your channel strips…

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Problem solved! It was your suggestion #2. Preferences > Audio > Output Device. I had to change it to “built-in output.” Thanks so much, sndfreQ.

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