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What was the last thing that made you cry?

Asked by Jude (32098points) November 26th, 2011

It was this for me.

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I started to tear up while writing a letter to someone last week.

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A presentation I saw last Wednesday by a woman who talked about growing up with Deaf parents. She shared stories and explained how this had been a gift in her life to have this experience.

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Today I visited the 9/11 memorial for the first time (it opened this year on 9/12). It’s very well done, calm, sombre, respectful. Discussing some of the stories on the walk-through web site, and recalling some personal experiences with my wife and a friend made us all verklempt.

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Listening to The Carpenters on the anniversary of my Mom’s death.

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I have not gone yet. I worked at 100 Church Street for many years. I was in the Trade Center all the time.Going there would make me cry. I did when I saw what those Barbarians did in person and on TV.
When I hear about humans, especially children being abused I cry.
I cry for autistic people that are mistreated. I Advocate for my autistic son.
I cry when I realize that immorality plays a big role in this world and too few people are willing to stand up to the abusers but; I always must, have and will.

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@Jude : That same little video made me cry tears of joy and hope.

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Very bad deeds I committed, thinking about them makes me cry nearly every night.

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My son. I am having some issues with him and it makes me very sad.

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When I found out Mike is being drafted…
I found out on Wednesday. He left for basic training on Thursday. (Thanksgiving) He goes to Afghanistan after that.

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This video of a blind kitten practically broke my heart. Also, Iron & Wine’s cover of “Such Great Heights” got me a little weepy.

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This is going to sound stupid but it was this past Wednesday and I had gone in for a haircut and highlights and I found out that my hairdresser, who has been doing my hair for almost 20 years, had sold the salon and was moving to Florida. It was real shock and I was thinking about it later that night and started to cry a little bit. He’s just a really great guy and we always had such a good time. We talked about everything and I always really enjoyed his company. He does a great job on my hair too.

I think it may have been that it happened on the day before Thanksgiving. I was thinking my brother’s essentially gone, my parents are both dead, my uncles are all dead, Nick’s parents are now both dead, my sweet cats are both gone and now my hairdresser is leaving me too. I’m kind of over it now though. I’ll miss him but I’ll manage. :-)

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@Jude & @Hawaii_Jake, we must run in the same interweb circles, for that video was also the latest thing to make me cry.

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My son told me he was seriously considering applying for a job in Ireland, and after he left, I cried at the possibility of losing my two pre-school grandsons. Then when my head cleared, I realized he meant he would be leaving them with me. We both know their mother is incapable of caring for them herself.

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That is a big change for your son, you and your grandchildren @Yarnlady. I don’t know whether to say ‘I hope he gets the job’ because that would be great for him or ‘I hope he doesn’t’ because it would be such a big transition for all of you. I hope whatever is right for you all happens anyway. I know from your posts your son has been trying hard to find work.

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A movie a few nights ago, I forget the title.. haha

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The Futurama episode “Jurassic Bark”.

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Talking to my sister today about how our Dad always liked the turkey really really dry. We miss him.

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We had a holiday dinner last week at our community center for about 25 of our neighbors and friends. It was really wonderful. We cooked the turkeys and everyone brought a dish and their own drinks. It is an array of retired people from all over the world. Men and women from 50 to 99 who love life and whose life experiences and stories cover and sooth me like a salve.

One of our friends is married to a woman who contracted polio one year before the Salk vaccine was developed. Her legs are like rubber bands and she uses lofstrand crutches to walk. She is one of the most intelligent, beautiful and independent humans I’ve known in my life. She was a registered nurse and raised three children after she was crippled with polio. She swims with us at night and hasn’t been to the pool much since the weather has turned cooler here in Florida.

When they arrived at the dinner, I was greeting people at the door and her husband came and gave me a hug and introduced me to his wife like we’d never met before. She smiled and her entire face lit-up as she looked into my eyes, said hello and told me about the dessert she brought. I looked at her husband and he gave me a knowing look and I knew she had no idea who I was. Her husband told me a few months ago that her memory was failing and he laughed about a few “old people” moments she had experienced lately.

It was obvious in just a few minutes of showing them to their seats and getting them settled in and starting them talking to other guests that she has full blown dementia. It breaks my heart to think how strong she has been for her 77 years and how she has never allowed any physical challenges to stand in her way and to watch her ask four times in five minutes if she’d brought her famous Texas sheet cake.

I cried that night in the bathroom at the dinner. When I came back into the room, I looked and there she sat smiling from ear-to-ear, laughing at something someone had said. I hope she’s had a good life. I know she’s made mine better in just the few months I’ve known her.

@lillycoyote, what part of Florida and is he still going to do hair?

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Always thoughts of missing my husband.

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I watched Gone With the Wind last night. The 4 hour commitment is worth it.

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The news, last week, that my brother has lung cancer and a brain tumor. He doesn’t deserve that (not that anyone does.)

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@bkcunningham Boca Raton and yes, he’s still going to do hair.

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My old neighbor’s daughter died. Her girls and mine grew up running in and out of each others’ houses and the younger girls are still good friends. We took some food over today and it all overcame me. that should be a phrase

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Our conversation this evening.

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Getting super drunk while adjusting to a 3rd shift schedule.

i haven’t cried like that since the last time i, uh, cried like that

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Reading this thread is making me all teary-eyed. I want to hug everyone.

A young adult book called Life as We Knew It. I read it last week on my daughter’s recommendation, and I cried a few times at the interactions between a mother and her teenage daughter at the ‘end of the world’.

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A program about the Vietnam War Memorial Wall on the Smithsonian channel on Veteran’s Day. Stopped me in my tracks.

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a song at a Grateful Dead concert last week (Terrapin Station)

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Nice video @Jude. I was able to tell early on what it was about, but I thought the punchline, if you will, would have been sad or depressing. Like some discrimination would have taken the two guys apart, or one of them being disowned by his parents or something. But it has a happy ending, and that kicks ass. :)

And nothing makes me cry, I’m too hardcore. XD

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When I realized my worst nightmare was happening to me, and woke up in a hospital alone, covered in tubes. However, I think it was a mix of the shock, and the pain I was in that made me hysterical.

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Yesterday afternoon I felt like someone was messing with my head and I got so frustrated that it made me cry.

EDIT: Actually the above isn’t true. I cried this morning while watching this scene from Gilmore Girls. It reminds me of a really bad time in my life.

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@janbb‘s situation.

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Friday, when I randomly met the brother-in-law of the British woman currently still kidnapped by Somalians (whose husband was shot dead at the point of kidnap)... He was so dignified about it. It moved me to tears.

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[ SPOILER ALERT ] Less than a minute of George Clooney’s character kissing his comatose wife and saying his goodbyes in the movie The Descendants.

[ SPOILER ALERT ] Ben Kingsley’s character in the movie Hugo. He plays Georges Melies and sees his what should be an old non-existing and forgotten film being watched, mesmerizing his wife, a boy and a girl in his living room.

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I love Terrapin Station!
Nothing like old GD to kick in the memories. :-)

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