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Does anyone know how you find out the year a building was made?

Asked by tan235 (877points) November 27th, 2011

There is a school just down the road from us, I’d like to know when it was built – actually I have a bet going on the year it was built but can’t find anything about it online.
It’s a public school – beautiful old building in Brooklyn.
Anyone know how you find out when it was built.

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You could try to get information from your local cadaster.

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Look for the little stone above the door that says erected in the year of lord 1348 (or whatever).

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Try calling the Department of Buildings on Monday. Here is the number for the Brooklyn office. (718) 802–3675

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Put the address in the query on the right side of the linked page and see it it helps.

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just pick it up and look – it’s usually on the bottom

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The style of the building usually gives it away.

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