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What do you think of the male about house in his underwear myth?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) November 27th, 2011

It seem many times on TV or in the movies, guys have this gravitation to wanting to walk around the house only in their underwear. I only knew, and not personally, one guy who ever wanted to walk around the house in his underwear. How did this myth come about? How many people do you know, who actually does that?

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My ex husband did. He also peed off the back deck. I don’t know why.
He is my ex.

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Over the years I have lived with/observed 6 guys…4 of which thought nothing of walking around in underwear, several even out to their car (“what’s wrong, I’ve got boxers on??”) Uh, really? As a woman I think boxers are different than a swim suit or board shorts! The fabric is different and the fly tends to gape open….

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My roommate always walks around with just panties and a shirt on. It’s like, put on some fucking pants! XD But nah, not something that bothers me.

I don’t know how legit this myth is, I’d wager a lot of people do it though. If they’re in their own place and nobody else who might be living there minds, then whatever, I don’t think much of it.

When I lived with my mom though, she went out with a guy who’d walk around totally naked when he got up. I felt really uncomfortable seeing that while eating my cereal. I don’t say this often, but I think that was totally inappropriate.

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Gravitation? It’s more like a black hole. My fiance walks around in his undies, and it drives me crazy. As a matter of fact, I don’t know a guy who likes to wear pants when they’re at home.

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[Shudders] My dad did.
Luckily for my eyes, I don’t live with him now. :)

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My husband.

Me. (I’m not a male.)

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I walk around in a bathrobe (no underwear at all).

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I would, but I have kids, and boxers do have that gap.

I went out and bought comfy shorts, like cut off sweatpants, so I loaf around in those.

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Robe. I’m not allowed out of our bedroom in only underwear, on account of the kids. I’d walk around naked if it weren’t for the kids. Sigh.

I think that most guys are a lot more relaxed about looks than girls are. Many girls seem to feel like they should not be seen without their “faces” on, and I’ll bet they have this attitude that their guys should likewise not be seen without the proper amount of dolling up. Of course, there are more relaxed folks who don’t place such a premium on looks. To each their own, I guess.

My wife never minded if I was naked until we had kids of a certain age. I can see her point, but I long for the times when people thought nothing about their bodies was shameful. Her excuse is that she is always cold. This does not explain why she always wears pajamas even in the hottest part of summer, so pardon me if I think that something else is going on here.

I think that there are people who are very into looks and don’t think they or anyone else should ever be seen without looking their best. Then there are others who are more relaxed, and who I think can see through looks to the person inside. Looks don’t matter so much to these folks. Of course, issues about nudity and near nudity play into this, and a whole slew of messages brought to us courtesy of our Puritan roots and our own native instincts towards censorship—to protect the children, of course.

As I said before, sigh.

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I do… but not if anyone else is home.

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<——currently only wearing underwear.


I never heard of that myth. Walking around the house in your underwear? Egads, I would never do that! Lol.

I think it’d be nicer to walk around your own house naked.

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I will put clothes on if company is coming over. If company is not coming over I might not even put boxers on. It’s my house.

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In our house, it isn’t a matter of modesty. It is rarely warm enough to not have some clothes on. The only place we were warm enough to wear nothing was in Borneo. It was so hot, that one day we elected to sit naked in our hotel room with the over head fan going and reading.

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@Hypocrisy_Central I’m guessing a lot of those screenwriters are working from personal experience.

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I thought everyone did this when they were home alone. Who wants to wear trousers in their own home? I don’t even want to wear them when I go out.

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I have vastly more female friends that walk around their home without more than underwear on (if that!) than male friends. The big factor seems to be if they live alone, with roommates who are ok with a mutual nudity agreement, or with other people who would like them to put some freaking clothes on already. And pets with claws. People who have clawed pets seem to wear a lot more clothes than those who don’t…

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My dad did, I don’t, my teenage son does sometimes. Maybe it’s a gene that skips a generation.

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It’s a mans family tradition here. All the men wear gym shorts year ‘round in the house.

If the house catches on fire, streaking out the front door would be more acceptable in gym shorts, rather than a pair of Fruit of the Loom.

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Its because we want some breathing room “down there.”

Since moving out of my parent’s house I’ve almost always had at least 2 roommates at least one of which was female so I never walked around in my underwear. But I do walk around in flannel pants without underwear once I’ve decided that I’m not leaving the house anymore that day. If I lived alone or with people who didn’t mind, I’d probably walk around in boxers as long as it was warm enough.

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A sweet task I see there for the Mythbusters.

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Personally I believe men love to walk around the house in their underwear for comfort, the same reason I would do so. :)

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Not a myth in my life. I lived for a while with four teen-aged sons and a husband; at some point everyone wandered around in boxers, bathing suits or running shorts. They were essentially the same garment.

We spent most of our time together during the summer at a camp on a lake; there was a lot of swimming in the nude. It was never done ostentatiously.. strip down and dive in.

I was more decorous, being the middle-aged mom/stepmother.

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