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What do you do in bed that's annoying?

Asked by Berserker (33543points) November 27th, 2011

I mean sleeping, not having sex. (but you can also include sexual related answers if you’re so inclined)

Say you’re sleeping with your partner, (or someone else, for whatever reason) what’s something annoying you do that drives them nuts?
Do you snore, fidget around a lot, talk in your sleep, drool all over the pillows? Do you read a bit in bed, or watch TV for a little bit, preventing your s/o to fall asleep?
I’ve been alone in my bed for quite a while, but my ex boyfriend got really annoyed that I always yanked and stole the covers. Classic, but it’s my annoying bed thing. Not hard for me to believe, because I always wake up buried in mounds of blankets, whether someone’s with me or not. You?

Feel free to say what your s/o does that annoys you when sleeping, too.

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Apparantly I kick a lot. So when my family’s in a hotel I get a bed to myself, don’t have to share with my sister :)

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My husband a;so is a cover yanker, and I hate it.

I don’t like the covers tight at the bottom of the bed around my feet, and I doo like a lot of cover above my shoulders right around my neck. I suppose some people might find that annoying.

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I snore (but so does my wife – so we cancel each other out).

I also prefer pitch blackness when I sleep. My wife finds this annoying (I think she’s just afraid of the dark).

I can also sleep perfectly still, on my back, with my hands clasped over my chest. My wife says it freaks her out as I resemble a corpse.

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@marinelife The more blankets for me, the softer everything is. :D

@cprevite Lol that’s pretty cool. :D

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I toss and turn and fidget. And I take up the entire bed while doing so. And I’m really self-conscious about how much other people must hate that, and don’t really care for sleeping in the same bed as others.

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I suffer from Sleep Paralysis and when an episode occurs, I moan and struggle to wake myself up and eventually scream. My husband is very sympathetic and insists I’m his only concern, but I know it disturbs and bothers him.

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@bkcunningham I hear that, I’ve been suffering from that since my middle teens. Sucks, for anyone involved.

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Sleep alone.~

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@chyna We may need another pillow swap session. :D

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@Symbeline I’m up for it! Pun intended.

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I ramble nonsense in my sleep. People say that I also act it out.

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When it’s cold and my wife gets in bed before I do, my chilly body likes to cuddle up with her bed-warmed one for contact warmth.

She usually exclaims something like, “YIKES! YOU’RE TOO COLD- STOP STEALING MY HEAT!”, and then pushes me away.

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I’m a rambunctious cuddler.

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I’m a pillow freak.

Anytime that my g/f and I go somewhere, I have to test the pillows to see which one I like best and it’s mine, sucka.. haha. I also bring my own pillow to her place because it’s soft like buttah.

She pushes me over to the edge to where I have a sliver of mattress to sleep on. She also sleeps like a fucking starfish sometimes. No room for me. She’s also like worm, and finds me anywhere in the bed and latches on. She ends up with her head on my girls a lot.

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@Jude That’s totally the cutest thing ever. :D Both of it. :)

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@Jude She ends up with her head on my girls a lot.

I do this often, also. It’s just too hard to resist :)~

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Apparently, I snore unless I am able to get into one of my two favorite sleeping positions.

When I was young, I used to talk in my sleep. Or more accurately, I used to solve mysteries.

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I’m fluthering on the iPhone now. He’s trying to sleep. He doesn’t like it much.

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I snore, according to my witness, but not loudly. I also drool on my pillow which annoys me a lot. Don’t know what to do about it.

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Play a banjo at 3 am. : )

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@mazingerz88 Oh dear geebus, I’d kill you if you were in my bed.

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@KateTheGreat If he were in your bed, would he have any energy left to play the banjo when 3 am came around?

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Kick. Talk. Role around. ETC. :)

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@mazingerz88 No, you don’t. :)

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@Jude Aaand you’re right! Truth is I don’t even know how to play. I just pluck away like a demon possessed monkey. Lol.

Ok seriously, based on the latest poll ( done with a sampling of one person ) my annoying bed habit is I snore too loud. Now how boring is that?

@SavoireFaire Correct. With @KatetheGreat, I would have no strength left in me at 3 am to do anything! Lol.

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@SavoirFaire Yeahhh, I’m thinking that’s about right. ;)

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I snore, I kick, I toss and turn. I travel all over the bed. I ‘follow’ whoever I’m sleeping next to, in my sleep. I spit [not drool, but spit], I talk. I have bad breath. I often act things out in my sleep. I regularly undress myself in my sleep. I’m guessing I am pretty much a nightmare to sleep next to.

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I apparently talk in my sleep, well, more like mumble stuff that’s hard to understand.
Something the wife does in bed that annoys me? Elbows me in the ribs to stop the aforementioned mumbling.

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Apparently I sometimes laugh in my sleep. I imagine it must be creepy.

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Gracious @Symbeline, thank you for asking this question. The whole thread is hysterical.

Despite our middle age, the SO and I are new to sharing a bed with another person. Since we’ve only spent a few weeks or months at a time together over the past several years, the quirks are still endearing. I imagine that they will become more of an annoyance once we are together full time.

My guess would be is that I typically get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. This almost always wakes him up, despite how slowly I try to slither out of bed. He then asks, “Where are you going?” It’s the same answer every night…“To the bathroom.” After washing my hands in the frigidly cold water pouring out of the tap, I rush back to bed and place them on his warm back or chest.

His slightly annoying habit? Playing Angry Birds on the iPad Touch. It was cute at first, but the running commentary became a bit too much.

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Let’s see if I can remember back to when my husband actually came to bed to sleep with me…..

We had to have separate duvets because he always pulled it all over to his side. Sometimes, he would still get a hold of mine and pull it over and off me. If he drank alcohol (which is often), he snored and the more alcohol, the more snoring. He talks a lot in his sleep in several languages. I am a very light sleeper.

This past Saturday night, he decided to come home with a friend at 2am and turn the stereo on really loud and woke me and the kids up, but I don’t know if he remembers it. There seemed to be a significant amount of alcohol in his system. Not the first time he has done that, but it has been a while.

Since he stopped coming to bed, I set my laptop on a table next to the bed and watch movies before/while I fall asleep. If he was lying next to me, it would probably bother him, but since he isn’t, I don’t know if it counts.

I used to grind my teeth, but I don’t know if I do that any more. No one there to tell me.

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I need the covers right up to my neck, and the most annoying thing is my partner snuggling me from behind and breathing a cold draught on my shoulders. aaargh.

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I’ve been told I fidget a lot, while trying to fall asleep.

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I snore, spout utter nonsense if you talk to me, and laugh in my sleep.

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I try not to do anything annoying. I will even try not to pass gas. Really. I don’t snore or droll or kick.
But, I do come back to bed after restarting the wood buring stove and I’m usually freezing.

It feels so good to get back under the warm covers – for me.

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At camp, all the girls told me that I reenact famous movies scenes when I sleep. They said I did Charlie Chaplin’s whole end monolougue from The Great Dictator one night.
As a 14-year old, I don’t sleep with another person. But whoever will sleep with me in the future would have to put up with the fact that I wrap myself like a mummy in the blanket.

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Well, according to my wife, not to mention a few folks on scout camp outs, I snore loud enough that I should be getting fan mail from the seismic research facility in Los Alamos.

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Wake up. It’s so annoying when I wake up.

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Oh, it must be really annoying when I pull whoever is sleeping next to me into a horrid dutch oven. ;)

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I always flip the pillows to sleep on the cool side and she doesn’t like that during the night I for one reason or the other tend to bury my face in her hair. I also wake up a few hours before her everyday but I’ve gotten fairly skilled at stealthily slinking out of bed and into the night. I used to always take a very audible, sharp intake of breath upon awakening but I’ve broken that habit.

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The males on my side of the family have an unusual way of turning over in bed.We don’t gently roll over, but instead throw our body off the mattress about a foot and spin in the air. Then we crash back down, without waking up. Our ladies don’t enjoy it as much as we do.

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@KateTheGreat If you do it quick enough, they’ll never know what hit ‘em.

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@TheIntern55 Exactly. Swift and sneaky. ;)

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dutch oven.

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The dreaded dutch oven lol. XD

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I’m not sure why this question popped up now but I don’t think i do anything annoying.

I don’t eat or drink anything 2–3 hours before bed. Most nights I take a shower and shave before getting under the covers. I read for a couple of minutes and fall asleep quickly. It’s a gift. I don’t snore or drool. I do get up around 5–6 hours later to pee, wander around checking on things, and to load the wood burning stove if needed.

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@LuckyGuy, you gave the same answer before. :-)

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@Judi I see that now! I guess I haven’t changed much in 2.5 years. :-)

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I’m apparently a blanket hog, and a violent nightmare haver.

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