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What do you want for the holidays?

Asked by babybadger (1790points) November 27th, 2011

For those who will soon celebrate (a) holiday(s), what does your heart truly desire? It can be a physical item, a person, a memory, etc. Interpret it however you want.

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World peace… would be nice.

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I want the holidays to be over.

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A calm, fun, uneventful holiday.

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My own female sex slave.


Free time to do the things I like, fun, little stress, time to enjoy with my family.


@HungryGuy That’s a great wish. ;)

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I could go for a new television. Gonna have to get that myself though.

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There’s this one class next semester that’s not offered at my main school (and so getting financial aid is a bit tricky, if not impossible), and I want to take it sooooo badly.

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A free trip to the dentist would be ideal.

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Time alone to create.

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For a gallon of gasolline to be .29 cents a gallon for just one week.

I could then actually fill my new Toyota Solara to the full mark…......just once!!

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A family that I can celebrate the holidays with.

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A bottle of Hawaiian punch would be nice

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@Hawaii_Jake and I could deliver.

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For them to end as soon as possible.

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Supplies to fuel my jewelry making addiction. And to sell some jewelry to people who’ll spread the joy by gifting it, would be nice, too.

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Backrubblowjobbreakfastinbed. You don’t even have to wrap it.

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A sturdy kettle.

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I’m really starting to dread the holidays. We haven’t had much money the past several years to spend on the children. My husband and I don’t get each other gifts because we don’t have the money. I’m tired of the media telling us we need to buy, buy, buy.

I just want snowball fights and vacation time with the family.

rumballs and candy canes are nice too

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A job for my husband, and one for @jonsblond‘s husband, too. Health insurance.

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I go through jeans, socks and shirts like nothing so I usually appreciate these as gifts since I hate shopping for clothing.

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@KateTheGreat Holmes, if the Fluther family does not adopt you this holiday season, I will. There’s a catch though. I can’t provide health insurance.

Want I want for the holidays is a magical 48 hour reprieve for all people who are suffering from all sorts of physical pain. Well, ok, make that permanent, sorry.

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2nd Answer. For all our troops to be home with their families Christmas. It really must be a sad sight for their children on Christmas morning, without their dad being there.

And, for children everywhere that do not know who their daddy is. That they will be blessed with the touch of Santa Claus and by the hand of God.

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Some sleep (particularly sleep sans vivid odd dreams) would be nice…

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Peace, on an individual and global level.

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This sounds sacrilegious but I want time to clean out my house. I’m moving from a 1500ish sq. footer to a 900ish sq. footer.

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