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Trucker lingo-- does anyone know what this conversation means?

Asked by geeky_mama (8930points) November 27th, 2011

While driving home (14+ hours) cross-country we stopped at a restaurant that for some reason was experiencing interference on their overhead public address system from the CBs of passing truckers on the interstate. (Just south of Chicago in Merrillville, Indiana)
We ended up hearing a few conversations from passing CB users that was inadvertently being broadcast over the restaurant’s speakers (!!)
I didn’t understand much of it—but wonder if any Jellies out there know any trucker lingo?
The most oft repeated phrase I heard was: “Basketball Johnson running a streaker.”
He kept asking if anyone else was on that channel. I’m guessing his CB handle was “Basketball Johnson”..but what does it mean that he was running a streaker?
FWIW, I already looked on Wikipedia ( and didn’t find the answer there…

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I’m not sure, but I think he’s saying that he’s running a bare trailer… no load.

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and the reason you heard it over the PA in the restaurant was that the trucker you heard was likely using a power booster – illegal – and the extra power found the wires in the PA and used ‘em as an antenna of sorts to broadcast the transmission. I was hitchhiking in Mississippi as a lad and got picked up by a guy using a power boost and we ended up talking to someone in San Francisco!

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I used to drive long-haul back in the 80’s, but I’ve been out of it for too long now, so I don’t know what this phrase is referencing. However, what @CaptainHarley says sounds logical to me.

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Captain Harley may be correct. It could also apply to a flatbed trailer without a load.

Most tractor-trailers, without a load or a governor on the engine, can make speeds up to 85 mph. Tracked them with laser radar many times.

And, most truckers tell me that their rig will only go 72 mph…..not so.

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Thanks for the helpful answers! My kids are into learning new languages and this experience fascinated them (and me, honestly) to hear English slang they couldn’t understand. :)

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