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If given one New Years wish for yourself, your family, your country, what would you wish for?

Asked by comity (2837points) November 27th, 2011

What would make your life, your families lives, your country better? Wishes for the New Year.

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For myself: To finish the Spartan Race in 2012, first place.
My family: To not worry about health, it will be good.
My country: For our government to wake up and start a new direction that actually works for ‘the people.’

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A single wish to cover all three?

Easy. I’d wish for unlimited wishes.

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For my children to be happy.

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For everyone to realize that humans although superior should share the planet and have more respect for nature. We tend to think the only things that matter are “human” matters, the politics, the business I’m sick of it all. I’d wish for a power shift of naturalistic world backed by technology. Not a naturalistic world driven by business.

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Myself: My own female sex slave.

My family: Good health for everyone.

My country: A growing vibrant economy with a high standard of living for everyone.

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Myself: To fall in love.

My family: For them to be happy wherever they are…

My country: For there not to be one person in danger of death because of their healthcare situation.

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That God would take this cup from us.

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A lady lurve.

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Myself—a chance to use all of my strengths and an answer as to where I should go next. I’m ready for a new journey.
My 4 kids and family—peace while recovering from the divorce, happiness, and for them to find their own paths.
My country: Some respect, tolerance, consensus and for the greedy to let go of greed for the country’s sake.

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Fall in love again :) have a good, healthy, beautiful amazing relationship with my partner, have a closer relationship to God (or spirituality), love and appreciate my family more :)

other goals are simply >> make more money, save more money, travel, keep healthy, and keep building good relationships with people and the world :)

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for the world and America it would be for young people to not end up in gangs, drugs, etc. and be their own people instead of following the media and what they see around them.

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That Oboma is out of the White House forever and ever Amen!

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Even though I stopped making these things, I’d wish for my sister and I to both find decent paying jobs that we could be happy doing. Build on that, easy peasy.

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For myself – To continue to be Cancer free at my next Cancer check in January
For my family – Improved health for my son, good health for all, love, kindness and caring in all their relationships
For my country – Less hate, leaders working together for the common good, being the magnet of peace for a better world.

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@Roby – My grandson was born with very little immunity – not quite as bad as the boy in the glass bubble, but bad – He is 11 years old and on intravenous Gamma Gobulin. If his father were to lose his job and got another his would be a pre existing condition and wouldn’t be covered by insurance. It always worried me. The cost of his treatments are approx $3,000 per month. When he would reach a certain age, he wouldn’t be covered by insurance. With the new healthcare bill under President Obama, pre-existing conditions are covered. And, he now can be covered by his father’s insurance when he is a young man going to school.
Whew! Amen! What’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander!

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My wish would be that everyone else in the world would croak and we would inherit everything. That is being brutally honest – but let me give the politically-correct answer – world peace!

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That question is saying we get three wishes total? Maybe I’m just being greedy.

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