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Do these methods of removing bags from under the eyes work?

Asked by itsjustcruel (387points) November 28th, 2011

I heard somewhere that rubbing a paste of coffee and water under your eyes helps reduce the appearance of bags. Apparently, rubbing oil on your face helps as well, would these methods work? If so, what type of oil, would cooking oil do?

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Vitamin C is supposed to help, as well as Preperation H. I never heard of coffee being used, although it is a diuretic so maybe they think it could target water retention?
Coconut oil is great for your skin. If you can get some thyme oil and mix it, it is also anti inflammatory in a more natural way than Preperation H

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Best method: get more sleep.

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I’ve heard of using Preparation H, and I’ve heard of using sliced cucumbers. I’ve never heard of using a coffee paste or oil.

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I’d like to know, because I need it. And if it is caused from lack of sleep then holy I need to sleep 12, I usually sleep 9 hours.

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Cold, used tea bags as a compress.

Also,witch hazel lotion.

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I had a friend that had really bad bags under her eyes and no amount of sleep would help. They were fatty tumors and she had them surgically removed.

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Fill the sink with ice cubes and water. Stick your face in it. Somewhere I read that is a Hollywood tip.

Not a permanent fix but it sure feels good.

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Panda eyes…..the only real way to fix it and keep it away is to fix the source of the problem…more sleep.

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I think it can be down to genetics as well. Do you mean puffiness or bags too? There is a difference. I use an eye cream to help reduce any puffiness and dark circles. It isn’t perfect but I think it helps a little.

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More sleep and more hydration for dark circles. If you have bags, haemorrhoid cream will help take down the puffiness.

In the winter time, the weather here is so dry that I used a rice bran oil/shea butter mousse that I make myself. Rice bran oil has loads of vitamin E and other things that are good to eat and put on your skin.

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