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What is something that sounds more fun when you say it out loud than it is in reality?

Asked by Mamradpivo (9655points) November 28th, 2011

That’s about it. I’m curious.

Here’s mine: I have to go on a 1-night business trip to Paris on Thursday. It’s really more of a pain than anything else. But it sure sounds like it would be fun.

What have you got?

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When I get involved in a theatrical production. I am usually really excited about it, but by showtime I’m saying “Why did I want to do this Again?”

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“I have to please all the girls from the softball team tonight.”

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“Nude mowing.”

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“Hey, I’ve got an idea! Let’s go white water rafting!”

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Makeup sex

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Taking a shit in the ocean as the waves softly flap at your…..err, flaps?

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Triple Martinis

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“Bowling party”

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Another cute, tiny baby.

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Sky diving.

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Raking 3 acres of GD leaves.

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Bragging about double-layered blisters created while raking forementioned 3 acres of GD leaves.

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“Let’s drive 35 miles to a mall in Albany and try to buy a Macbook Air this Monday, and then let’s get a flat tire on I-90 and then let my bladder go into overdrive, having not found a lady’s room at the mall.

“And then let’s insure that my mechanic can’t get a new tire until 1:00 PM tomorrow while I am supposed to drive my daughter to the airport at noon. Then let’s suppose I can’t drive 80 miles on the donut tire.”

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Getting a Ph.D.

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“And let’s just discover that my daughter’s flight to Vancouver, supposedly scheduled for tomorrow mid-day from Albany was rescheduled for 6:00AM on Wed. And my friend who was going to drive us to the airport (since my car has a donut tire) cancelled an important appointment in order to help us out.

“And let’s keep in mind that I hate to drive after dark on the highways around Albany.”

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@gailcalled It sounds like you are having a bad day. {{{hugs}}}

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@chyna: It sounds worse than it is. Mainly many small nuisances one after another. I am trying very hard to float like a butterfly.

And I am hoping to talk my best friend into driving with us into Albany tomorrow night so that I don’t actually have to do the drive home after dark.

(And it has been wonderful having my daughter here for the week, even though I feel as though I am trying to keep up with a hummingbird.)

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“Let’s paint the kitchen.”

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@martianspringtime I really laughed out loud over that one. My husband had to come and see what was so funny

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