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I'm getting a feeling that Newt Gingrinch is setting himself up to be the vice-presidential candidate, am I wrong?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25919points) November 28th, 2011

In the early GOP debates, watching Gingrich deflect questions that may lead him to criticize other GOP candidates, even accusing a debate host of trying to provoke confrontation between them Republicans, well, I got the feeling that he is that loyal to his party and understands there is only one enemy out there, Obama.

Now that he is giving Romney what seemed to be a run for his money, I just had this funny feeling that maybe, Gingrich knows he won’t get the nomination but at least he could make himself out to be a formidable and attractive vice-presidential candidate.

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Sounds very plausible to me.

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Who cares? None of them are fit. It’s a fiasco.

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Gingrich should already know that he has too many enemies to ever have a shot at the presidency. I think he was shooting for the vice presidency from the start.

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He’s not a fool. He won’t accept that, not that it would be offered.

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I don’t think Ron Paul would accept Gingrich as his VP… so it’ll never happen.

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Also never happening: Ron Paul getting the nomination.

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people have no idea the groundswell that RP has cultivated. just because mainstream media does not give him any attention, doesn’t mean he’s doing poorly

Think Again

Ron Paul is Exploding

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I can’t see Newt Gingrich settling for the Vice President nomination – he is too full of himself. Some of Ron Paul’s ideas are pretty far out, but he does have some good ideas mixed in. So far, all of the Republican want-to-be nominees scare me, just the thought of one of them becoming President….........!

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@Linda_Owl You are my kind of owl!

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Any candidate that isn’t a total moron would stay away from Gingrich. Having the only house speaker in US history to be officially punished for unethical behavior is not someone you want on your team.

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